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St. Joseph's Cemetery

Riverside Drive
North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA

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  grave stone Irene BLAIN (b. 3 November 1934 Putnam, Connecticut, USA    d. 15 December 2009Putnam, Connecticut, USA )

Chauvin Feige
  grave stone Charlotte Anna FEIGE (b. 6 December 1907 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 28 June 2000Milford, New Hampshire, USA )

  grave stone Richard Sherman FEIGE (b. 9 June 1918 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 25 December 1995Putnam, Connecticut, USA )

Gagnon (Gagne)
  grave stone Emilie GAGNON (GAGNE) (b. abt. 1850 , Canada    d. 1933Thompson, Connecticut, USA )

Gregoire Korch
  grave stone Norma P KORCH (b. 25 February 1934 Webster, Massachusetts, USA    d. 26 April 2004Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )

KORCH Lachapelle Langlois Martin Mathieu
  grave stone Marie Anne MATHIEU (b. 25 September 1886 Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 18 January 1971Woodstock, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Ralph Edward TREMBLAY (b. 11 April 1916 Brunswick, Maine, USA    d. 18 December 1967North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Stella E WOJICK (b. 18 July 1918 Millville, Massachusetts, USA    d. 28 June 2011Webster, Massachusetts, USA )