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Create Your Own Family Tree Here - FREE!


There are MANY sites out there that let you create your family tree. Here's how we are different:

Our website is FREE. Free to register, free to search, and free to add your family. This site began as our family site in 1999. As time went on, we have welcomed other families to join us. It's amazing how many connections we have made. We believe history should be free because it belongs to all of us.

When you add an ancestor to our site, additional information sometimes will pop up about their lives. It might be history events they lived through. It might be pictures of places they lived or stories they might have read in newspapers long ago. We try to make it fun by going beyond the names and dates.

While our website is not perfect, we do our best to keep it ACCURATE. There are so many family trees on the internet that contain false, misleading information, lacking the research. The internet is rewriting history. Inaccurate information is being copied and recopied. Soon the false information occurs in many more places than the accurate information, thus 'rewriting history.' We try not to do that.

Creating your own family tree can be a rewarding experience. These are the steps involved:

1) Create a User Name and Password - Join for FREE!

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2) Begin adding your family - Once you have registered and signed in, go to My Family Tree

You will be directed to a screen to help you enter information about your parents. Once you have entered your parents, you can continue by entering your grandparents, then great-grandparents, etc.

NOTE: If at any time during the process, you need a bit of help, please contact us (below). We will be happy to assist you.

Enjoy your family tree!