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What is the history of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA?

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Explore Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures and genealogy.
Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Greendale) (Quinsigamond Village) (Tatnuck) (Vernon Hill)

"Worcester, a city and one of the capitals of Worcester co., Mass., on Blackstone River, in lat. 42° 16' 17” N., lon. 71° 48' 13”W., and on several railways, the chief of which are the Boston & Albany, the Providence & Worcester, the Norwich & Worcester, the Worcester, Nashua & Rochester, and the Fitchburg. It is 44 miles S.W. of Boston, 43 miles N.W. of Providence, R.I., and is near the geographical centre of the state. It is laid out rather with reference to the irregular and diversified surface than to any mathematical plan, and has an unusually large number of fine buildings, public and private, numerous lines of street railway on which both electric and horse-cars are used, a good water supply from two distinct sources, gas- and electric light-works, an extensive drainage system with the largest works for the purification of sewage by chemical precipitation in America, and a well-organized fire department. The city has important manufactures of a very great variety of articles, such as farm-implements, boots and shoes, woollens, cottons, all kinds of machinery, furniture, card-clothing, stone-ware, tools, carpets, wire goods, boilers, hardware, musical instruments, arms, wrenches, corsets, skates, envelopes, &c., the manufacture of boots and shoes being a leading industry: in this single branch there are 26 manufactories, producing about $5,000,000 worth of boots and shoes yearly. For the manufacture of woollen goods there are about 14 establishments. The iron-manufacture is, however, the first in importance, one branch of it, that of wire, employing several thousand men, the wire-mills being the most extensive in the world. Worcester has 6 national banks, 4 savings-banks, a clearing-house, 4 private banking-houses, and 5 insurance companies, and is the seat of publication of 4 daily and 2 weekly newspapers, besides a variety of other periodical publications. One weekly news paper, the “Massachusetts Spy,” has been published consceutively for 123 years. It has many important public institutions, among which are 2 extensive state lunatic hospitals, a city hospital, a home for aged women, a home for old men, an orphans' home, an Odd-Fellows' home, built and maintained by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, a Young Men's and a Young Women's Christian Association, each owning a handsome and beautifully-equipped build ing. The system of public instruction is very effective, with schools of every grade. Among the more noted institutions are the Jesuit College of the Holy Cross, with extensive buildings (the principal educational establishment of the Roman Catholics in New England), Clark University (founded in 1887 for post-graduate work in the departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and education, offering liberal fellowships and scholarships in these departments to advanced men), Worcester Academy (a Baptist school with a large endowment), the State Normal School, the Highland Military Academy, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (a well endowed institution, with costly workshops and laboratories, and a fine school-building), 2 convents, schools for Roman Catholic children, a music school, the Worcester Natural History Society (with a fine building, valuable cabinets, and a park of 40 acres, on which is maintained for two months yearly a summer camp and school for boys), the Worcester County Musical Association (which holds a great music festival yearly), the American Antiquarian Society (with a library of 90,000 volumes and valuable cabinets), the Worcester Society of Antiquity (which also has a handsome building with library and interesting historical collection), a free public library and reading-room with more than 70,000 volumes, a county law library, a mechanics' association with library and reading-room, and a horticultural hall and library. There are 76 churches of various denominations, and also several independent religious societies. The Union Depot, for the principal railways, is a large, handsome, and expensive granite building. The county court-houses, and the high-school building, among the finest in New England, are notable and costly structures. There are 11 public parks well distributed in different parts of the city, with an area in the aggregate of nearly 400 acres. In the central park is a soldiers' monument, also a monument to the memory of Colonel Timothy Bigelow, of the Revolutionary army. Another park borders on Lake Quinsigamond, a picturesque sheet of water nearly six miles long, which is the chief suburban pleasure-resort. Worcester (at first called Quonsigamog or Quinsigamond) was settled in 1675, but afterwards abandoned on account of Indian attacks; permanently settled in 1713; incorporated as a town in 1684, and as a city in 1848. It has for some years ranked as the second city of the state in population. From its numerous schools it has been called “the Academic City,” and, from its situation and its political and social influence, “the heart of the commonwealth.” Within the city limits are several suburban villages, the area of the municipality being over 36 square miles. As a railway centre, Worcester has also a large and increasing trade. Its population has rapidly increased since 1860. Pop. in 1850, 17,049; in 1860, 24,960; in 1870, 41,105; in 1875, 49,265; in 1880, 58,291; in 1885, 68,389; in 1890, 84,655. "

Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World Containing Notices of Over One Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Places ...
Joseph Thomas
J.B. Lippincott, 1895

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  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

  • General Henry Knox and his troops passed through here in the winter of 1775-76 with a load of 59 cannons pulled by teams of oxen.
    The cannons were captured from the British at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point. They were transported from Lake Champlain to Dorchester Heights, Mass...Read MORE...

  • 1789 - First American Novel
    The first American novel, William Hill Brown's The Power of Sympathy,
    published in Worcester.
    resources/ state-history-ti...

  • News 1838 - Fire at Worcester.
    A fire broke out in the vicinity of School street, in Worcester, about 1 o'clock on Wednesday morning, which destroyed a large block of dwellings, bri...Read MORE...

  • 1839 - December 28 - The third storm in two weeks hit the northeastern U.S. It brought two more feet of snow to Hartford, CT, and Worcester, MA. Whole gales swept the coast causing many wrecks.

  • 1840 - Typewriter Invented
    The typewriter was invented by Charles Thurber in Worcester.
    resources/ state-history-timeline/

    In ...

  • News 1845 - A Horrible Death
    We learn from the Worcester (Mass.) Transcript, that Mr. ASA MASON, manufacturer of tacks and brads, while adjusting his machinery, was caught by the ...Read MORE...

  • 1. WORCESTER. [Pop. 7,497. Inc. 1684.]
    Worcester was called Quinsigamond by the Indians, who joined with Philip against the colonists in the bloody war of 1675.

    In 1701, Worceste...

  • 1848 - Worcester
    WORCESTER was incorporated in 1684, but in consequence of Indian hostilities the first town meeting was not held till 1722. This part of the country w...Read MORE...

  • 1850 - Women's Rights Convention
    First National Women's Rights Convention held in Worcester webimage/
    countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ matimeln.htm

    The woman's rig...

  • 1853 - January 21 - Envelope-folding machine patented by Russell Hawes, Worcester, Mass

  • 1854 - March 17 - 1st park land purchased by a US city, Worcester, Mass

  • News 1855 - CATASTROPHE BY FIRE.
    The Cordasville Manufactory, near Worcester, Massachusetts, was burned on the 1st inst. There were between eighty and one hundred operatives in the Fa...Read MORE...

  • 1855 - October 9 - Joshua Stoddard of Worcester, Mass patents 1st calliope

  • News 1871 - Mary's Little Lamb
    The Worcester Gazette has become nauseated by the many recent effusions concerning "Mary's Little Lamb," and disposes of the animal in this way:

    "M...

  • News 1871 - Revolver Maker Leaves Large Fortune
    Ethan Allen, who recently died in Worcester, Mass., at the age of sixty-four, preceded Colt in the manufacture of revolvers. One of his earliest inven...Read MORE...

  • News 1872 - A Singular Law Suit.
    The proprietors of the Rural Cemetery at Worcester, Massachusetts, have brought suit against a company engaged in the manufacture of chemicals, about ...Read MORE...

  • News 1876 - THE MAD WATERS. Giving Way of the Dam at Worcester, Mass. A GRAPHIC SKETCH OF THE SCENE.
    WORCESTER, March 30. - Later advices from the broken dam are of a more assuring character. Large tree trunks, bales of hay and loads of dirt are being...Read MORE...

  • News 1884 - Horse Led to Chapel
    Some students in the Industrial institute at Worcester, Massachusetts, recently led a horse up two flights of stairs to the chapel. Twenty-eight membe...Read MORE...

  • News 1889 - A NARROW ESCAPE.
    Fred Shaw, the swan boat man, had a narrow escape from drowning at the lake yesterday. He went out after lilies, and, while busily engaged in his work...Read MORE...

  • Worcester Massachusetts, 1890
    WORCESTER, the capital of Worcester County, is an enterprising mercantile and manufacturing city 44 miles west-by-southwest of Boston, 43 miles northw...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    1890s C. G. Conn
    Wonder Band Instruments
    Worcester, Mass.
    Elkhart, Ind.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Lincoln Square and Court House
  • News 1892 - It is stated that the Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company, of Worcester, Massachusetts, is making absolutely perfect diamond dies producing copper wire as fine as two one-thousandths of an inch, by a special process.

    London, Greater London, England
    February 12, 1892

  • News 1896 - Train Accident
    Remains of Man Killed at Southgate Crossing Friday Those of H. Lyons.
    The body of the man who was killed at the Southgate crossing ...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Globe Corset Company, Worcester, Mass.

    The Ladies' Home Journal
    July 1898
  • News 1900 - A Millionaire of Worchester, Massachusetts Is Missing.
    New York, May 16. - Chas. A Richardson, a millionaire manufacturer of Worcester, Massachusetts has been missing for five weeks. The police have search...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    The Common
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Lincoln Park at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, Mass.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Central Fire Station
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Front Street, Harrington Corner
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Worcester Old Mill Institute Park
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Free Public Library
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Notre Dame des Canadiens
    Park Street
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Old South Church
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    "The Warren"
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Street Scene
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Worcester County Institution For Savings
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    J. J. Newberry Co. newly enlarged super store. 10-20 Front Street Worcester, Mass.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    The Sheraton Hotel. Worcester, Mass.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    White City from Bridge. Worcester, Mass.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Lake Quinsigamond
  • News 1901 - TROLLEY DEAL IN CONNECTICUT: New Haven Road Purchases the Webster and Worcester System.
    NEW HAVEN, Jan. 12 - The New Haven Road has just purchased through the People's Tramway Company of Danielson, Conn., the Webster and Worcester Street...Read MORE...

  • News 1902 - A Massachusetts Man's Big Luck - Gate Tender on a Railroad to Get a Large Slice.
    The Times Special Service.
    WORCESTER, Mass., Saturday, June 7. - Family records expected daily from the parish priest at Lanoraie in Quebec are expec...Read MORE...

  • News 1904 - Fireworks Explode in Store - Panic-Stricken Women and Children Rescued from Cellar of Burning Building
    Special to The New York Times.

    WORCESTER, Mass., July 2. — Accidentally stepping on a bomb-jack, a large torpedo, Albert Childs, a clerk of the Nel...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Elm Park
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Holy Cross College
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Park Theatre, 1905
  • News 1906 - Origin of the U.S. Valentine
    Miss Esther A. Howland of Worcester, Mass., was the first person in this country to manufacture valentines. Before she began in 1840, all these missiv...Read MORE...

  • 1906
    Worcester, a city and one of the capitals of Worcester co., Mass., near the Blackstone River, 44 miles W. by S. of Boston, on the Boston and Albany, t...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    J. W. Bishop Company General Contractors
    345 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y.
    683 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass.
    417 Butler Exchange, Providence, R. I.
    107-109 Foster Street, Worcester, Mass.


    New Bedford ... ...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Howard Bros. Mfg. Co.
    Manufacturers of Card Clothing
    Nos. 44 and 46 Vine Street, Worcester, Mass.

    New Bedford ... directory : of the inhabitants, business firms, institutions, streets, societies (1908) Author: W.A. Greenough & Co Volume: 1908... Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Aerial Navigation is Thrilling and Interesting
    N. E. Fair, September 5 to 8, 1910
    Four Days - Two Nights
    Captain Baldwin just starting out on one of his daily flights in Worcester, Mass.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    American Antiquarian Society Library
    Highland Street
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    City Hall, 1910
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Worcester City Hospital, 1910
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Court Hill and Main Street, 1910
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    High School, 1910
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Hospital for the Insane, 1910
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Park Congregational Church
    (First Children's Church Organized in America)
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Pleasant Street from Main Street
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Rostrevor Club, Lake Quinsigamond
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Union Station
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Main Street, looking North, 1912
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Worcester Mass. Main St. North about 1914
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Y.W.C.A., 1914
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Franklin Square Theatre, Worchester, Mass., 1914
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Bancroft Tower
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    New Baptist Church
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Bird's-Eye View, 1915
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Old Salisbury Mansion
    Highland Street
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    State Mutual Building and Main Street
    Professor Robert Goddard's Rocket, Which is Expected to Travel 70 Miles in Air, is Ready

    WORCHESTER, Mass., - An actual test of Professor Robert Go...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Art Museum
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Court House and Society of Antiquity
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Main Street, South of Post Office
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Crompton & Knowles Loom Works
  • News 1923 - "Wooster Ain't Manchester"
    Diners in a Harrisburg restaurant last evening were treated to a real comedy. A gentleman, presumably from out-of-town, went to the telephone to put i...Read MORE...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Post Office
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Salisbury Laboratory Polytechnic Institute
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Bancroft Hotel
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Worcester Memorial Auditorium and Central Congregational Church
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Soldiers' Monument, City Hall and Common
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Chestnut Street Congregational Church
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Clark University
  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Green Hill Park
    ...Worcester In Center.
    The following advisory was issued by the Boston weather bureau at 10 p.m.:

    "Latest reports from the vicinity of the hurric...

  • Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
    Main Street, 1950s


    Worcester, June...

    ...A businessman was blown to his death by a 70-mile-an-hour gust in Worcester, Mass., from a 10-story downtown building...

    The Times Record Troy N...

  • 1954 - The birth control pill was invented in Worcester in 1954
    Researchers at Clark University were influenced by the work of Margaret Sanger, who campaigned for the development of a contraceptive for poor women w...Read MORE...

  • 1962 - October 27 - Worcester MA received a record 4.7 inches of snow.

    The Weather Channel

  • 2001 - ACT, based in Worcester, created human embryo clone webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ matimeln.htm

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