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Rose Hill Memorial Park

580 Elm Street
Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA

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  not available Roy E AMES (b. 24 December 1910 Hartford, Connecticut, USA    d. July 1954Baltimore, Maryland, USA )

  grave stone Frank F ANDERSON (b. 25 March 1910 Manchester, Connecticut, USA    d. 16 April 2004Windsor, Connecticut, USA )

Blessing Garavelli
  grave stone Frank A GARAVELLI (b. 30 September 1913 , Connecticut, USA    d. 10 July 1988Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA (South Glastonbury) )

  grave stone Barbara HUGELMAN (b. 20 June 1917 West Hartford, Connecticut, USA    d. 10 January 2002Wallingford, Connecticut, USA )

Lasker Pratt Wiknik
  grave stone Daniel J WIKNIK (b. 28 February 1980 Middletown, Connecticut, USA    d. 1 June 2010Middletown, Connecticut, USA )