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Green Cemetery

Green Cemetery Road
Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

  grave stone Barbara BADER (b. 28 May 1926 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA    d. 04 September 1993Green Valley, Arizona, USA )

  grave stone Charles Albert BADER (b. 14 February 1898 Southampton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 19 August 1979Manchester, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Charles Henry BLESSING (b. 14 April 1882 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. December 1969Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Thelma Louise BLESSING (b. 13 February 1923 Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA    d. 23 September 2002East Hartford, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Woodrow Wilson BLESSING (b. 4 September 1919 Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA    d. 8 March 1998Hartford, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Helen Stiles DEGROAT (b. 2 December 1900 Gouverneur, New York, USA    d. 7 November 1988Seattle, Washington, USA )

  grave stone Thomas Michael DELMONACO (b. 24 August 1930 Braintree, Massachusetts, USA    d. )