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Riverside Cemetery

Lewiston, Maine, USA

  grave stone John E CONNORS (b. 3 September 1874 Gardiner, Maine, USA    d. 22 March 1958Gardiner, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Edson Selden CUMMINGS (b. 7 December 1875 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 11 April 1939Poland, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Charles W DAVIS (b. October 1861 Waterville, Maine, USA    d. 10 March 1923Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Edward F FAHEY (b. 22 November 1875 Augusta, Maine, USA    d. 26 November 1943Auburn, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Ella May FAHEY (b. 25 February 1886 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 12 December 1938Farmingdale, Maine, USA )

  grave stone John H FAHEY (b. 1880 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 8 March 1917Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Samuel HALEY (b. 4 August 1810 Topsham, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA    d. 1 July 1885 )

  grave stone Ella J KEANE (b. 18 February 1858 Hallowell, Maine, USA    d. 9 July 1929Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Edith G LIBBY (b. 13 December 1865 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 7 August 1950 )

  grave stone Elisabeth Jane LIBBY (b. 2 April 1816 Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)    d. 24 August 1885 )

  grave stone Frank H LIBBY (b. 1869 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 1958 )

  grave stone Frederick Leighton ODLIN (b. 2 June 1850 Pittsfield, Maine, USA    d. 6 January 1909Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Blanche PATTEE (b. 5 June 1877 Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village)    d. 21 August 1952Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Angie Theresa PEASE (b. 27 June 1860 , Maine, USA    d. 4 May 1940China, Maine, USA )

  grave stone Frances M PERKINS (b. July 1851 Damariscotta, Maine, USA    d. 29 September 1917Augusta, Maine, USA )

  grave stone William Bryant SMALL (b. 21 September 1863 Manchester, Maine, USA    d. 13 April 1905Lewiston, Maine, USA )

  not available Robert J STEWART (b. 15 September 1863 , Maine, USA    d. 9 April 1941Lewiston, Maine, USA )