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flag   William Bryant  SMALL

  (b. 21 September 1863Manchester, Maine, USA   d. 13 April 1905Lewiston, Maine, USA )  
Summary: William Bryant SMALL was born 21 September 1863 in Manchester, Maine, USA. William Bryant SMALL was the child of

He married  Maude H INGALLS 1 September 1892 in Maine, USA . 

William Bryant SMALL died 13 April 1905 in Lewiston, Maine, USA.
Details of the life of William appear below.
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William Bryant SMALL married   Maude H INGALLS-- Date: 1 September 1892 Place: , Maine, USA
Name of Groom: William B. SMALL
Groom's Place of Residence: Lewiston, Me.
Name of Bride: Maude H. INGALLS
Bride's Place of Residence: Lewiston, Me.
Marriage Date: Thursday, 1 Sept. 1892
Marriage Certificate Number: Not available

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William Bryant SMALL - United States, Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968;
William Bryant SMALL
United States, Deceased Physician File (AMA),...
William Bryant SMALL - Grave
Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine
William Bryant SMALL
Grave Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine
21 September 1863
Manchester, Maine, USA

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1870 Portland, Cumberland, Maine
name: William B Small
estimated birth year: 1864
gender: Male
age in 1870: 6y
color (white,...

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1880 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine
name: William B. Small
residence: Lewiston, Androscoggin,...

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1892 Marriage / Partner
William Bryant SMALL and Maude H INGALLS 1 September 1892, , Maine, USA
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The World Almanac of the U.S.A, by Allan Carpenter and Carl Provorse, 1996 -

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1900 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine
name: William Small
titles & terms:
residence: Lewiston city, Androscoggin, Maine
birth...

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June...

13 April 1905
Lewiston, Maine, USA

Six weeks ago Dr. William B. Small, one of Lewiston's prominent physicians and surgeons, gave up his practice temporarily.

Few realized that he was ill, for he was a man of rugged and healthy appearance. Thursday, the 13th of April, he passed away having failed rapidly with a complication of troubles until, at last, the heart gave out, at 5.30 this morning. All was done which medical skill could accomplish. But the case has baffled the best medical advisors and the patient continued to grow worse day by day, until for the last week he has been so low, with a pulse up to 150, that the end was expected at any moment.

To the anxious family, all the hope was offered which courageous hearts could muster. Bravely they fought against the impending danger. It was hard to realize that one so strong, to all appearances, could fail so rapidly. Death was not anticipated as short a time ago as when the family moved him into their new home in the former J. L. H. Cobb house on Main street. He seemed to stand the effort of the change well. Then came the operation, for the removal of pus from the lung cavity. This, too, was favorable. But still the patient sank slowly until within the last few days, physicians and family feared the worst at any time.

The blow almost unbearable as it is to the wife, with her two children, falls with great weight also upon the mother, Mrs. Addison Small. In the short space of seven years, she had lost both sons, whom she idolized to an extreme, her husband, and two brothers.

The other son, Prof. Roscoe Small, a young man of much talent and with an unusually promising career as a professor at Brown University, passed away in '98. This all but broke the fond mother's heart and her grieving for this younger son had hardly ceased in any measure when, in 1900, her husband, Mr. Addison Small, a leading Lewiston bank cashier passed away. Again, January 30th, 1904, word reached her of the death of her brother, Henry Wilder, in a Boston hospital, and just a year later, lacking but two days, her other brother, Mrs. William Wilder, died in her own home, - this less than three months ago.

It is little wonder that the mother was faint-hearted when her only living son was stricken six weeks ago. She, least of all, had courage to face this sickness and day by day her fears seemed realized. Now, stricken of her elder son, born to her when she was but 21 years of age, she is the picture of utter despair, unconsolable, crushed and broken in spirit and completely prostrated by this last blow. The cup of sorrow for her seems to overflow.

This little group of mother, wife and two children, William Drew Small, aged eleven and Florence Small, aged six years, are all the near relatives who survive Dr. Small.

Dr. W. B. Small was born Sept 1, 1863 in Manchester, Maine. Mr. and Mrs. Small had been married but a year and she was then at her parents' home for a visit. Her maiden name was Florence Wilder. When the child was seven months old, the family moved for a brief time to Hallowell and then came to Lewiston. This has been Dr. Small's home ever since, save for a few years in his childhood.

There was one year, when Mr. Addison Small was paymister in the woolen mill in Auburn. Then there was a period of 6 years, when he taught school in Portland, and the lad was trained in the Portland grades. Then Mr. Small returned to Auburn for a year as superintendent of schools, after which he moved to Lewiston with his family, as he then entered the bank.

Dr. Small, on coming back to Lewiston this last time, was ready for high school, and he made his fit for college in the old Lewiston High. There he was graduated in '81 with high honors. He at once entered Bates College and finished the course there in '85, again showing by his work, scholarly habits and intellectual vigor. He was a member of Eurosophia, one of the literary societies of the college, and was active in all branches of college work, with a host of friends among faculty and students.

It was his desire to study medicine, and so the young man was soon started on his professional studies, beginning with a year at the Brunswick Medical. From there he went to Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York, where he did superior work and by a competitive examination won a place at the Randall Island Hospital, where he completed his course with nearly three years' service, graduating with high honors.

When his preparation for medical and surgical work was over, Dr. Small came home to Lewiston to make a visit and talk over plans for settling somewhere in his profession. This chanced to be just at the time when the grip was so prevalent and he soon was best with calls, until almost before he realized what was happening, he found himself with a lucrative practice. His place seemed settled for him and he grew into it without delay, finding every year more and more practice until of late he has been much overworked, - a fact which undoubtedly played its part in his final breakdown and sudden death.

Among his fellow associates in the medical profession Dr. Small was highly esteemed. He was a member of the local organizations and had held office in the State Medical Association. He also belonged to the staff at the Central Maine General Hospital in Lewiston.

It was in '92 that Dr. Small married Maud Ingalls, who had made her home with Judge and Mrs. F. M. Drew in Lewiston. She too was a Bates graduate, in the class of '91, a woman of culture and refinement, who has materially aided Dr. Small in his social position in this city.

During the years of his practice in Lewiston, Dr. Small took active part in the Masons, belonging to the Shrine. He was also very prominent in the Knights of the Golden Eagle, being Supreme High Priest, a national office. As such, he attended the national convention at Washington, D. C., last October. Other orders to which he belonged were the New England Order of Protection, the Pilgrim Fathers and the Modern Woodmen. In all these he was well known and thoroughly respected and liked. In all he had countless friends. In the Bates Round Table he also took active interest.

Since early manhood, Dr. Small has been a member of the Main street F. B. church. He was baptised by the Rev. W. H. Bowen, now of Providence, R. I. He was married by the Rev. Martyn Summerbell, who was assisted by the Rev. G. M. Howe, pastor of the Pine street Congregational church.

In speaking of the prominence of Dr. Small in his profession, a fellow physician referred especially to his interest in the Maine Academy of Medicine and Science. He was honored with the office of president in that organization. Frequently he addressed the members on subjects pertaining to their work and took part in discussions carried on at the meetings relating to medicine and allied sciences.

Dr. Small was also honored with the presidency of the Androscoggin Medical Association and of the O. A Horr Medical Association, both of these being local. He belonged to the Maine Medical Association and to the American Medical Society, but was less active in them than in the Maine Academy.

In Bates College circles, he had many close friends, gathered around him during his college days and held in dear relations in these latter years. He has been medical advisor for many of the Divinity school students, in times of need, and they, too, feel his loss keenly. In the Bates Round Table, it chanced that he delivered a paper only a few weeks ago, just prior to his illness. At the last meeting, many spoke of the seeming impossibility of his critical illness.

A typical example of the warmth and persistency of the friendships... is evident of those of his early childhood, when he was teaching a... his college course. He was... at different times at York, at ... at Winnegance and in other... made for himself very close ties among his acquaintances.

Lewiston Evening Journal, Lewiston, Maine, April 13, 1905

William is buried at: Riverside Cemetery

Lewiston, Maine, USA
Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine
Lot 0578
H. of Maude Harriet Ingalls/S. of Addison & Florence S. (Wilder) Small
Added: 10/31/2011 5:04:14 PM

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