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Poland, Maine, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Poland, Maine, USA? 

Poland, Androscoggin, Maine, USA

Poland, Maine Historical Society Pages/ PolandME_BComm/ Historical

It was granted by the Massachusetts General Court in 1765 to officers and soldiers who served with Sir William Phipps in the 1690 Battle of Quebec. It replaced a 1736 grant made to them called Bakerstown (now Salisbury, New Hampshire) which was ruled invalid in 1741 at the separation of New Hampshire from Massachusetts. The new plantation was also called Bakerstown (after Captain Thomas Baker), and included present-day Poland, Minot, Mechanic Falls and the greater part of Auburn.

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Poland, Maine, USA - Tripp Lake, Poland, Maine
Poland, Maine, USA

Tripp Lake, Poland, Maine
Poland, Maine, USA - Camp Maqua (1910)
Poland, Maine, USA

Camp Maqua (1910)
Poland, Maine, USA - Poland Spring House from Middle Lake, Poland, Maine
Poland, Maine, USA

Poland Spring House from Middle Lake, Poland, Maine
Androscoggin's Secret Based on the 1900 murder of Jessie Cobb in Lewiston, Maine. ¡spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝuıɐW 'uoʇsıʍǝ˥ pǝuɹnʇ ʎɹoʇs sıɥʇ '006Ɩ uI ISBN-10: 1469932067 ISBN-13: 978-1469932064

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History / News

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1792 - The first tavern was built in Poland by Captain George Waterhouse. This established hotel keeping in Poland as a major business in the early days.
1795 - On February 17, Poland was incorporated and it embraced the territory of Minot and Poland.
1797 - The Poland Spring Hotel opened. Spring water was discovered on the site and believed to have medicinal properties.
1798 - (Poland, Maine) The first Baptist Church was organized on Megquier Hill.
1870 - (Poland, Maine) John S. Briggs built a steam mill. In 1875, an addition was built for a saw and shingle mill as well as a clapboard mill and planer. He added a butter factory in 1884, and a threshing machine in 1888.
1886 - Poland
Poland is the south-west town of Androscoggin County. It is 10 miles from Lewiston and 85 from...Read MORE...

1893 - The Maine Central Railroad came through Poland.
1904 - (Poland, Maine) - The Summit Springs Hotel was completed.
Poland, a post-village and watering-place in Poland township (town), Androscoggin co., Me., 36...Read MORE...

1959 - (Poland, Maine) The Summit Spring Hotel was torn down.

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Joseph William COBB (8 February 1881, Poland, Maine, USA - 27 February 1968, Minot, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Frederick Herbert COLBATH (31 May 1913, Poland, Maine, USA - 16 December 2003, Brunswick, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Alice G FIELD (26 May 1863, Poland, Maine, USA - 23 October 1953, Raymond, Maine, USA) gravestone
flag  Edward F FIELD (abt. 1859, Poland, Maine, USA - , )
flag  Elias Herbert FIELD (1857, Poland, Maine, USA - 25 June 1934, ) gravestone
flag  Schuyler C FIELD (abt. 1869, Poland, Maine, USA - , )
flag  Ulysses Grant FIELD (January 1867, Poland, Maine, USA - 14 November 1940, Pownal, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Helen Bernice FOSTER (8 October 1928, Poland, Maine, USA - 6 May 2003, Madison, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  James Lincoln FRENCH (15 December 1918, Poland, Maine, USA - 31 January 1987, Lewiston, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Obed GRIFFITH (10 June 1794, Poland, Maine, USA - 13 October 1870, Marion, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag  Etta R MORROW (07 November 1857, Poland, Maine, USA - 02 May 1934, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA)

 flag  Mildred E ROBINSON (16 January 1903, Poland, Maine, USA - 28 December 1991, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard))
flag  Roland Martin ROBINSON (14 January 1906, Poland, Maine, USA - February 1974, , New Hampshire, USA) gravestone

flag  Sarah Ann VERRILL (9 February 1838, Poland, Maine, USA - 20 June 1916, Pownal, Maine, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag  Katie (Catherine) Josephine CHAPLIN (12 September 1852, Naples, Maine, USA - 2 December 1900, Poland, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Andrew COBB (31 January 1787, Otisfield, Maine, USA - 1837, Poland, Maine, USA)

flag  Edson Selden CUMMINGS (7 December 1875, Lewiston, Maine, USA - 11 April 1939, Poland, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Nancy Anna ELLWELL (24 September 1792, Turner, Androscoggin, Maine, USA - 28 April 1861, Poland, Maine, USA)

US Civil War Soldiers flag  James William FIELD (1835, , Maine, USA - 1872, Poland, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Dorothy Louise FRENCH (28 February 1916, Minot, Maine, USA - 6 March 1985, Poland, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag  Henry PLUMMER (May 1846, Raymond, Maine, USA - 7 April 1902, Poland, Maine, USA)

flag  Joseph L VERRILL (28 September 1848, New Gloucester, Maine, USA - 12 January 1919, Poland, Maine, USA)

World War II Soldier flag  Donald Seavey WINSLOW (28 November 1921, Auburn, Maine, USA - 12 June 1999, Poland, Maine, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Ivory COBB (December 1845 - 19 February 1912) & Celia Ann EDWARDS (10 May 1853 - bet. 1930-1940)
married 04 July 1868

Clarence L MCCANN (7 December 1874 - 17 April 1954) & Eliza (Lida) BUTLER (abt. 1877 - 28 February 1948)
married 3 August 1896

Ivory COBB (December 1845 - 19 February 1912) & Katie (Catherine) Josephine CHAPLIN (12 September 1852 - 2 December 1900)
married 8 March 1898

Wallace David FRENCH (27 August 1924 - 18 June 1975) & Helen Bernice FOSTER (8 October 1928 - 6 May 2003)
married 2 July 1946

Cemeteries in Poland, Maine, USA

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