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Old Mt. Calvary Cemetery

253 Archiblad Street
Burlington, Vermont, USA

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  grave stone Lottie Etta BROWE (b. 28 April 1870 Huntington, Vermont, USA    d. 2 March 1879Colchester, Vermont, USA (Malletts Bay) )

  grave stone Martha L BROWE (b. 21 July 1863 Huntington, Vermont, USA    d. 30 December 1918Burlington, Vermont, USA )

Browe (Breault) Cross Rowe
  grave stone Amos ROWE (b. October 1845 Colchester, Vermont, USA (Malletts Bay)    d. 21 August 1907Williston, Vermont, USA )

Tetr(e)ault (Rowe) Tourville (Trouville) Vidal
  grave stone Priscilla VIDAL (b. 1848    d. 1930 )