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Springfield Street Cemetery

Brookline Ave. at Rte 147
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills)

Google Map of Cemetery Location

Andrews Arnold
  grave stone Daniel B ARNOLD (b. 1 January 1845 Suffield, Connecticut, USA    d. 13 April 1896Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

Carpenter Cesan
  grave stone David Emanuel CESAN (b. 18 February 1899 So. Ely, Canada    d. 11 January 1981Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

  grave stone Ruth Irene CESAN (b. 9 January 1922 , Massachusetts, USA    d. 11 March 1982Farmington, Connecticut, USA )

  grave stone Marcia CLEVELAND (b. 1814    d. 21 May 1878 )

Crouss Edgerton Flower Gaylord
  grave stone Gilbert GAYLORD (b. 1777    d. 29 December 1875Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

Hamlin Hubbard
  grave stone Lucy HUBBARD (b. 5 February 1796 Middletown, Connecticut, USA    d. 18 January 1884Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

Humiston Jaquett Johnson
  grave stone Veyland JOHNSON (b. 1793    d. 27 September 1852Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

King Lamb
  grave stone Edward LAMB (b. 1822 , Ireland    d. 5 January 1896Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

  grave stone Phineas LEONARD (b. 19 August 1751    d. 16 November 1847West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA )

Liswell Meacham Miller Palmer
  grave stone Samuel PALMER (b. 16 March 1791    d. November 1829West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA )

Root Smith SMITH Spencer Stahovich
  not available Priscilla A STAHOVICH (b. 1939    d. 12 November 1997Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) )

  grave stone Curtis H STILES (b. 15 September 1822 Southwick, Massachusetts, USA    d. 8 November 1856Agawam, Massachusetts, USA (Feeding Hills) )

Wheeler Wright