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Warren, Massachusetts, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Warren, Massachusetts, USA? 

Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Warren was first settled in 1664 and was officially incorporated on January 16, 1741 as the town of Western.

Originally a part of Quaboag Plantation, the town now known as Warren was part of Brookfield for 68 years until it was renamed Western. Warren includes land petitioned from both the Quaboag Plantation and the "Kingsfield", which included parts of Palmer and Brimfield.

On March 13, 1834, the town was renamed Warren in honor of General Joseph Warren, who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War.

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Warren, Massachusetts, USA - The Square, Warren, Mass.
Warren, Massachusetts, USA

The Square, Warren, Mass.
Warren, Massachusetts, USA - West Main Street
Warren, Massachusetts, USA

West Main Street
Warren, Massachusetts, USA - Fanny Jane Woolen Mills (1909)
Warren, Massachusetts, USA

Fanny Jane Woolen Mills (1909)

History / News

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General Henry Knox and his troops passed through here in the winter of 1775-76 with a load of 59 cannons pulled by teams of oxen.
The cannons were captured from the British at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point. They were...Read MORE...

40. WARREN. [Pop. 1,290 Inc. 1742.]
This town was taken partly from Brookfield, and partly from Brimfield and Palmer, in Hampden...Read MORE...

1848 - Warren
This town was taken partly from Brookfield, and partly from Brimfleld and Palmer, in Hampden...Read MORE...

The New York and Boston Lightning Express off the Track Near West Warren, Mass. - No One Injured -...Read MORE...

Warren Massachusetts, 1890
Warren is an enterprising town of 4,032 inhabitants, and of varied industries, lying on the...Read MORE...

Warren, a post-village in Warren township (town), Worcester co., Mass., on the Chicopee River and...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag   Chester P. BARTON (1821, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 6 March 1871, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   George L. BENSON (17 September 1846, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 2 November 1867, Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Charles BLAIR (1807, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 19 November 1876, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Ebenezer BLISS (1805, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 4 April 1856, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag   Franklin BLISS (1803, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 8 March 1880, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))
flag   Persis BLISS (1788, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 16 October 1869, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Mary A. BLODGET (1827, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 5 June 1863, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Baxter BRIDGES (1794, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 21 March 1860, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben))

flag   Marsine BROOKS (1815, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 11 November 1878, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Mary FIELD (1754, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 30 July 1847, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Lewis R FOSTER (1815, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 13 September 1874, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   David Francis FOX (24 March 1892, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 18 August 1944, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Mary E. HUTCHINS (1782, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 6 February 1869, Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   David LAMSON (1795, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 22 August 1878, Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
flag   Mary LAMSON (1792, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 20 December 1880, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   George H LYON (1830, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 13 July 1865, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

flag   Aurora/Aurore Eva MANSEAU (25 April 1920, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 19 November 1974, Jacksonville, Florida, USA) gravestone

flag   Aurora MANSEAU (APRIL 25,1920, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - NOV 19.1975, , Florida, USA)

flag   Mary MARKES (18 July 1740, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 25 February 1808, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Joel MILLER (1787, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 6 November 1871, Agawam, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Mary A. NELSON (1822, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 12 October 1859, Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Louisa PATRICK (1806, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 15 May 1874, Elyria, Ohio, USA)

flag   Ruth S. SHEPHERD (1774, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 12 April 1871, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Thomas STEVENS (1818, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 1 May 1874, Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)

flag   James STEVENS (1824, Warren, Massachusetts, USA - 29 January 1881, Athol, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag   Samuel DAVIS (31 January 1672, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA - 20 April 1742, Warren, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Judith HAYWARD (31 March 1701, Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 7 March 1786, Warren, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Hezekiah MARKES (1704, Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA - 6 September 1788, Warren, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Ezra PERREY (1820, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA - 21 December 1852, Warren, Massachusetts, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Cemeteries in Warren, Massachusetts, USA

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