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Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Agawam, Massachusetts, USA? 

Agawam, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA
On July 13, 1636, William Pynchon purchased land on both sides of the Connecticut River from the local Pocomtuc Indians known as Agawam, which included present-day Springfield, Chicopee, Longmeadow, and West Springfield, Massachusetts. The purchase price for the Agawam portion was 10 coats, 10 hoes, 10 hatchets, 10 knives, and 10 fathoms of wampum. Agawam and West Springfield separated from Springfield to become the parish of Springfield in 1757; Agawam and West Springfield split in 1800. Agawam incorporated as a town on May 17, 1855.wikipedia

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Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - Entrance to Riverside Park, Agawam, Mass.

Riverside Park
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

Entrance to Riverside Park, Agawam, Mass.

Riverside Park "...started out as a picnic grove called Gallup's Grove in 1870, and was eventually... Read MORE...
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - Town Hall and School
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

Town Hall and School
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - First Baptist Church. Agawam, Mass.
Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

First Baptist Church. Agawam, Mass.

History / News

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1636 - First house built in Agawam Meadows. Large tract of land purchased by William Pynchon from the Agawam tribe of Indians for 18 fathom of wampum, 18 coats, 18 hatchets, 18 hoes and 18 knives.
1660 - Thomas Cooper, Abel Leonard and Thomas Merrick settled on the south-west side of the Agawam River and within a few years grants of home lots were made at various points.
1696 - Agawam became the 2nd Parish of Springfield and the 1st of West Springfield.
1698 - A church was formed in Agawam with Rev. John Woodbridge as pastor.
1740 - First meeting house in Agawam was built on land of Reuben Leonard, one mile west of sawmill near parish line of Feeding Hills.
Schools had been established in Agawam and Feeding Hills.
1757 - Agawam was set off as the 6th Parish of Springfield containing about 75 families.
1774 - West Springfield was incorporated as a town with Agawam as its 2nd Parish.
1780 - Peppermint distillery established in Agawam. Later, potato whiskey was manufactured, followed by cider brandy and rye gin.
1800 - Agawam and Feeding Hills divided into two distinct parishes in the town of West Springfield.
1810 One of the first cotton mills in Western Massachusetts (Agwam) built on land now owned by Riverside Park at mouth of 3-mile Brook. A settlement of tenements for the mill help was known as the "Factory Ground".
1819 The first Sunday School in Agwam was organized.
1840 Methodist Church built in south part of Agawam.
1855 - Agawam separated from West Springfield and was incorporated as a town including Feeding Hills and Mittineague, with a population of about 1500. The first town meeting was held in the Methodist Church. agawam.php
AGAWAM, a village of Massachusetts, U.S., in Hampden county, on the W side of the Connecticut...Read MORE...

1861 - 172 men went from the town (of Agawam) to the Civil War, of whom 22 died either in battle or from disease. The women formed a Soldier's Relief Society working for the soldiers and contributing $1000 in money. agawam.php
Agawam Massachusetts, 1890
"Agawam is a very beautiful town having two postal villages, — Agawam (centre) and Feeding Hills....Read MORE...

Riverside Park, Agawam, MA - History With Photos

Riverside Park, Agawam, MA - History With Photos...

1905 - Electrical lines were extended to give service to Agawam. agawam.php
News  1908 - THREE KILLED IN EXPLOSION. Dynamite That Was Placed on a Steam Pipe Became Overheated.
AGAWAM, Mass., Sept. 8. - Three men were killed and six others injured by the explosion of twenty...Read MORE...

Ag'awam', a post-village of Hampden co., Mass., is in Agawam township (town), about 1 mile W. of...Read MORE...

News  1955 - Golden Eagle Returns to Duty as Weathervane
Newly Feathered With Gold Leaf, Old Landmark Is Placed on Agawam Church Spire

Agawam, Sept. 6....

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Carl "Charles" Theodore CROUSS (8 August 1867 - 14 November 1960) & Fanny A KATHAN (17 July 1872 - 6 March 1966)
married 25 April 1894
George Nicholas AHL (30 July 1862 - 28 January 1920) & Ophelia Louisa CROUSS (January 1870 - 8 April 1916)
married 04 April 1894

Ward Lyman THOMPSON (August 1869 - 7 October 1938) & Alvina Martha CROUSS (26 September 1864 - 14 April 1944)
married 18 April 1895

George Washington EDWARDS (16 January 1876 - 17 June 1937) & Anna Amelia CROUSS (12 January 1874 - 27 July 1954)
married 19 April 1900

David Emanuel CESAN (18 February 1899 - 11 January 1981) & Irene Kathan CROUSS (16 March 1897 - 4 April 1955)
married 25 April 1921

Howard Walton POND (4 April 1897 - 13 March 1960) & Anna Beatrice CROUSS (2 May 1900 - 28 May 1993)
married June 1924

Wallace Addison ROBERTS (31 August 1911 - June 1996) & Marion Rose GIMLICH (29 January 1911 - 17 January 2005)
married 10 June 1939

Harold Douglas BOISSEAU (24 March 1923 - 9 February 2007) & Ruth Irene CESAN (9 January 1922 - 11 March 1982)
married October 1945

Richard Harold DANFORTH (24 June 1931 - 12 July 2002) & Elizabeth Ann POND (4 February 1933 - 12 October 2012)
married 8 September 1951

Marshall Wayne STEPHENSON ( - ) & Ruth Irene CESAN (9 January 1922 - 11 March 1982)
married 28 July 1956

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