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Birth Places of Ancestors

Miriam WATERMAN (b. April 1678, Norwich, Connecticut, USA (Norwichtown) (Yantic) (Greeneville) (Occum) (Taftville)  d. 22 September 1760, Norwich, Connecticut, USA (Norwichtown) (Yantic) (Greeneville) (Occum) (Taftville))

b. Norwich, Connecticut, USA (Norwichtown) (Yantic) (Greeneville) (Occum) (Taftville)

Father's side of family

Father - Thomas WATERMAN b. Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA (Rexhame) (East Marshfield) (Green Harbor) (Ocean Bluff) (Marshfield Hills) (Brant Rock)

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Robert WATERMAN b. Norwich, Norfolk, England

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Elizabeth BOURNE (BOURN) b. , Kent County, England

Mother's side of family

Mother - Miriam TRACY b. Old Saybrook, Connecticut, USA (Saybrook Colony)

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Thomas TRACY b. , England (United Kingdom)

Grandmother - Mary UNKNOWN (CONWAY) (LOCK) b.