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Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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Where is Cleveland, Ohio, USA? 

Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
Cleveland is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Cuyahoga County, the most populous county in the state. The municipality is located in northeastern Ohio on the southern shore of Lake Erie, approximately 60 miles (100 km) west of the Pennsylvania border. It was founded in 1796 near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, and became a manufacturing center owing to its location at the head of numerous canals and railroad lines. With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Cleveland's businesses have diversified into the service economy, including the financial services, insurance, and healthcare sectors. Cleveland is also noted for its association with rock music; the city is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As of the 2000 Census, the city proper had a total population of 478,403, and was then the 33rd largest city in the nation and the second largest city in Ohio. It is the center of Greater Cleveland, the largest metropolitan area in Ohio, which spans several counties and is defined in several different ways by the Census Bureau. The Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor Metropolitan Statistical Area which in 2000 ranked as the 23rd largest in the United States with 2,250,871 people. Cleveland is also part of the larger Cleveland-Akron-Elyria Combined Statistical Area, which in 2000 had a population of 2,945,831, and ranked as the country's 14th largest.

In studies conducted by The Economist in 2005, Cleveland and Pittsburgh were ranked as the most livable cities in the United States, and the city was ranked as the best city for business meetings in the continental U.S. The city faces continuing challenges, in particular from concentrated poverty in some neighborhoods and difficulties in the funding and delivery of high-quality public education.wikipedia

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland From Scranton's Hill

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes...... Read MORE...

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Superior Street, Cleveland, From Presbyterian Church

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the... Read MORE...

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes... With... Read MORE...

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Mouth of Cuyahoga River, Cleveland

Picturesque America: Or, the Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers,... Read MORE...

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

City of Cleveland from Reservoir Walk
Picturesque America... Oliver Bell Bunce, William Cullen Bryant
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1872-1874.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Euclid Beach, Cleveland, O.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Street Scene - Euclid Ave. Shopping District, Cleveland O.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Public Square and Union Terminal Tower, Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Horticultural Gardens Stadium and Boat Docks, Cleveland, Ohio.

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1796 - July 22 - Cleveland, Ohio, founded by Gen Moses Cleveland
Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio (
News  1812 - June 1 - Snow whitened the ground in Cleveland OH .
June 1, 1812
1832 - Cleveland is spelled differently than its founder's name Moses Cleaveland. In 1832, the editor of the Cleaveland Gazette newspaper dropped the first "a" to fit the title on one line. The new spelling caught on. resources/ state-facts/ ohio.html
News  1874 - 3 Votes Not Enough
An enterprising voter of Cleveland, Ohio, voted three times for a sheriff of Cuyahoga county in the ...Read MORE...

1879 - Cleveland became the world's first city to be lighted electrically in 1879 when Charles Brush successfully demonstrated arc lights on the streets. resources/ state-history-timeline/ ohio.html

...At five minutes...

News  1880 - Children Under 14 Working During School Hours
Arrests are being made in Cleveland, Ohio, under the school laws prohibiting employers from having...Read MORE...

News  1885 - They are having a cholera scare in Cleveland, Ohio. Two members of the same family died after an illness of twelve hours duration.
The disease certainly resembled cholera. Three other members of the same family were stricken, with ...Read MORE...

1890 - May 31 – The 5-story skylight Arcade opens in Cleveland, Ohio.
May 31, 1890
News  1893 - DEATH IN A STORM. Loss of Life and Property in a Hurricane.

Number of Others Injured, Some of Whom May Die - Many Buildings...Read MORE...

News  1894 - The May Day Riots (against unemployment) break out in Cleveland, Ohio.
May 1, 1894
...Cold In Cleveland.
Cleveland, Feb. 9. -- The blizzard raged with unabated fury throughout the...Read MORE...

News  1898 - Struck by a Motor.
Had it not been for the rude action of a horrid, old, Big Consolidated motor Martin Wing of Rhodes...Read MORE...

News  1899 - CALL OUT TROOPS. The Strike Situation in Cleveland is Becoming Quite Serious. POLICE CANNOT CONTROL. Cars Are Stoned and Dynamite Bombs Placed on the Tracks.
Cleveland, O., July 22 - Orders were issued today for the assembling of four companies of the Fifth ...Read MORE...

1901 - Cleveland - The Pleasant City by Charles F. Thwing
The first thing to be said about Cleveland is what, with the change of a pronoun, a Cambridge poet...Read MORE...

News  1901 - Bath Tub Famine is the Latest. Plumbers Are Entirely Unable to Supply the Demand. Extensive Building Operations Cause the Scarcity.
There is a crying need of bath tubs in Cleveland. In fact a bath tub famine has been in progress...Read MORE...

News  1901 - TURNED HOSE ON STRIKER. This Was the Revenge Non-Union Men Took Upon a Former Comrade.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Aug. 26 - Because Thomas Oldecker, a non-union workman in the Crescent Tin Plate...Read MORE...

News  1902 - A Massachusetts Man's Big Luck - Gate Tender on a Railroad to Get a Large Slice.
The Times Special Service.
WORCESTER, Mass., Saturday, June 7. - Family records expected daily...Read MORE...

News  1908 - March 4 – The Collinwood School Fire, near Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., kills 174.
March 4, 1908
News  July 18, 1908: Fireworks banned in Cleveland, Ohio

The Old Farmer's Almanac
July 18, 1908
1912 - Clarence Crane in Cleveland invented Life Savers. resources/ state-facts/ ohio.html
1914 - Cleveland boasts America's first traffic light. It began on Aug. 5, 1914. resources/ state-facts/ ohio.html
Cleveland, a port of entry, the largest city of Ohio, and the county-seat of Cuyahoga co., is...Read MORE...

News  1921 - October 8 – The first Sweetest Day is staged in Cleveland, Ohio.
October 8, 1921
News  1923 - Garrett Morgan of Cleveland invented the first three-position traffic light.
November 20, 1923:

On this day in 1923, the U.S. Patent Office grants Patent No. 1,475,074 to...Read MORE...

News  1929 - Is Blamed For Clinic Tragedy at Cleveland
City Investigating Commission and State Fire Wardens Indicate Disaster Might Have Been Averted if...Read MORE...

1948 - East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland was the site of the first pedestrian button for the control of a traffic light. The boy chosen for the 1948 newsreel to demonstrate its operation was Louis Spronze. resources/ state-facts/ ohio.html
1995 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened its doors in 1995 on the shores of Lake Erie in...Read MORE...

2003 - Electric faults in Cleveland caused power outages to 50 million resources/ state-history-timeline/ ohio.html

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