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Genealogy Pedigree Chart for Esther Mae NELSON

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What is a Pedigree Chart?
A Pedigree Chart is a family tree chart used in genealogy.
"The chart most people begin with is a pedigree chart. This chart begins with you and branches back in time, displaying the line of your direct ancestors. Most pedigree charts cover four generations, including space to include names plus dates and places of birth, marriage and death for each individual." ( od/ free_charts/ a/ forms.htm)

Esther Mae NELSON
(b. 11 May 1903, Stonewall, Texas, USA  d. 27 November 1978, Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA)
John Henry NELSON
(b. 11 April 1876, , Texas, USA   d. 28 April 1934, Brownfield, Terry, Texas, USA)
Fredrick NELSON
(b. 1852, Livingston, Overton, Tennessee, USA  d. 1878, , Texas, USA)
(b. 1822, Overton County, Tennessee, USA  d. 16 February 1863, Rock Island, Illinois, USA)
Harriet ATWOOD
(b. abt. 1830, , Alabama, USA   d., )
Martha Arminda BILBREY
(b. 1858, Overton County, Tennessee, USA  d. 16 September 1923, Oriana, Stonewall, Texas, USA)
Henry Herod BILBREY
(b. 29 September 1836, Overton County, Tennessee, USA  d. 7 May 1890, , Texas, USA)
Delilah CANNON
(b. 18 October 1837, Overton County, Tennessee, USA   d. 19 July 1899, Stephens, Texas, USA)
Freddie May JOHNSON
(b. 20 March 1878, Grayrock, Franklin, Texas, USA  d. 20 October 1962, Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico, USA)
Thomas Samuel JOHNSON
(b. 17 September 1854, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA   d.7 December 1918, Locker, San Saba, Texas, USA)
William Keener JOHNSON
(b. 1828, , Alabama, USA  d. 1871, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)
Julia Ann TAYLOR
(b. 18 July 1833, , Georgia, USA  d. , )
Columbia Anna WRIGHT
(b. 2 June 1855, Meriwether, Georgia, USA  d. 9 April 1899, Austin, Texas, USA)
George Washington WRIGHT
(b. 4 December 1820, , South Carolina, USA   d.14 July 1864, Griffin, Spalding, Georgia, USA)
Eliza Jane GRESHAM
(b. 25 July 1824, , Tennessee, USA  d. 9 December 1863, Meriwether, Georgia, USA)