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THERIOT-THÉRIAULT - diminutive of Thierry, which comes from the Germanic 'theodoric' which means 'people-powerful'. The ancestor of all TERRIOTs in America is JEHAN and/ or JEAN. JEHAN was born in 1600, in the village of Mairtaizé, region of Loudanais (Loudun), province of Poitou in France. He married around May 8, 1632 to Périnne Breau who was born in 1611. JEHAN is a ploughman. He was recruited for Acadia by Charles de Menou, sieur d'Aulnay et de Charnisay and governor of Acadia. They left Auray on July 28, 1632 (1936?) with Commander Isaac de Razilly and arrived in Acadia on August 14 or September 8, 1632 after a month and a half of navigation. They landed at La Hève, now LaHave in Nova Scotia. They settled in Port-Royal. Commander de Razilly died in December 1635 and command returned to Charles de Menou. Jehan was a laborer and a peaceful man, his existence took place entirely in Port-Royal. This is not surprising since this establishment was almost the only one in Acadie before 1680. Jehan and Périnne had 07 children including Claude and Germain who will ensure the descendants of all the Thériault families in America. In the 1686 census, Jehan and Périnne are both deceased. According to several studies, Jehan would have died around 1686 and Périnne around 1671

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Source: Pioneers of Acadia by Stephen A. White

Learn more about the life of immigrant flag male ancestor  Jehan-Jean THÉRIOT (THÉRIAULT, TERRIOT).

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