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Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Bainbridge, New York, USA? 

Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, USA
Bainbridge is a town in Chenango County, New York, United States. The Town of Bainbridge has a village of Bainbridge located within it. The town is at the east border of Chenango County, halfway between Binghamton and Oneonta.

Communities and locations in the Town of Bainbridge:
Bainbridge – The Village of Bainbridge is at the junction of NY-7 and NY-206 by the Susquehanna River.
Bennettsville – A hamlet by the east town line in the southeast part of the town on NY-206.
Sidney Municipal Airport (N23) – An airport at the east town line, partly in the Town of Bainbridge and north of I-88. .
Union Valley – A hamlet in the northwest corner of the town and north of West Bainbridge on County Road 17.
West Bainbridge-- A hamlet near the west town line on NY-206.wikipedia

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Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - Town Hall, Bainbridge, N.Y.
Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)

Town Hall, Bainbridge, N.Y.
Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - The Bridge and Island
Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)

The Bridge and Island
Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - M.E. Church
Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)

M.E. Church

History / News

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(Bainbridge) The town was first settled around 1788, first by a group called the "Vermont Sufferers." These were people from land in the eastern part of New York, who had lost their claims due to land sales by Vermont for the same claims.
The town of Bainbridge was formed in 1791 as Jericho, which was part of Tioga County until 1798, and changed to Bainbridge in 1814. history
1793 - In 1793, part of Bainbridge was used to form the parts of the Towns of Norwich and Oxford.
Part of Bainbridge was taken for the Town of Greene (1798 and 1799).
1813 (Bainbridge) - Meetinghouse in Jericho mysteriously destroyed by fire.
Jericho’s reputation was tarnished as the wicked place where they burned the church. history
1829 - The Village of Bainbridge was incorporated. history
1857 - Part of Bainbridge was taken to form the Town of Afton,
1869 - Bainbridge
BAINBRIDGE was formed February 16, 1791, as "Jericho." It was then a part of Tioga County and...Read MORE...

1883 - Gilbert Manufacturing Co. (1883-98) made children’s sleds in Bainbridge. history
1889 - The Bainbridge Creamery (1889), eventually the Dry Milk Company, produced dry milk at the former creamery on Walnut Street.
By using intense heat to evaporate the water in the milk. This product is much lighter to transport ...Read MORE...

1891 - The Crump Firm (1891-94) canned condensed coconut milk in Bainbridge. history
1894 (Bainbridge) - Thomas Collins and Louis Hartman constructed a machine to separate the cream from whole milk, using centrifugal force, which was easily operated by the local farmers in 1894.
The American Separator Co. (1895-ca 1960) manufactured cream separators for farm use. history
1904 (Bainbridge) - The Casein Manufacturing Co. (1904) used casein, a milk by-product, for early plastics manufacture.
By heating skim milk and allowing it to sour, either naturally or by the addition of acid, curds...Read MORE...

Bainbridge, a banking post-village of Chenango co., N.Y., on the Susquehanna River, in Bainbridge...Read MORE...

1925 (Bainbridge) - The American Plastics Corporation was first called the Erinoid Company of America when it opened in 1925 but became American Plastics in 1939.
The casein came to the plant in powdered form and was manufactured into discs for later molding...Read MORE...

1929 (Bainbridge) - In 1929, the large Borden Company became interested in this area and bought the Casein Company, the Dry Milk Company, and the Milk Sugar Company. They also owned 1/3 of the American Plastics Corporation. history/

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag   G. George CHURCH (1841, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - 20 August 1862, New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

flag    Alice I MONAHAN (17 April 1925, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - 2 December 2017, Binghamton, New York, USA) gravestone
flag   Pamela MONAHAN (23 April 1946, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) - 19 December 2012, Unadilla, New York, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag   Fielding S. GANT (1801, , United States (USA) (American Colonies) - 11 May 1876, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville))

flag   Grace Irene LORD (3 January 1895, , New York, USA - February 1987, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)) gravestone

flag   James V MONAHAN (7 August 1922, Afton, New York, USA - 6 August 2000, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)) gravestone
World War I Soldier flag   Ralph Adam MONAHAN (3 April 1894, Meriden, Connecticut, USA - 22 October 1928, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)) gravestone

flag   Arlene Minnie ORTH (1 September 1924, Colesville, New York, USA (Harpursville) (Nineveh) - 1 January 1999, Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)) gravestone

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Clifford A WEARNE (22 September 1925 - 11 March 2016) & Alice I MONAHAN (17 April 1925 - 2 December 2017)
married 21 June 1947

Cemeteries in Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)

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