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  grave stone Grace Irene LORD (b. 3 January 1895 , New York, USA    d. February 1987Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) )

  grave stone James V MONAHAN (b. 7 August 1922 Afton, New York, USA    d. 6 August 2000Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) )

  grave stone Pamela MONAHAN (b. 23 April 1946 Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville)    d. 19 December 2012Unadilla, New York, USA )

  grave stone Ralph Adam MONAHAN (b. 3 April 1894 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. 22 October 1928Bainbridge, New York, USA (Bennettsville) )