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flag  History of Toledo, Ohio, USA

Journey back in time to Toledo, Ohio, USA

Visit Toledo, Ohio, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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The area was opened to white settlement after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, a conflict fought nearby in 1794 and resolved in a series of treaties negotiated with Native Americans between 1795 and 1817. Fort Industry (1803–05) was located at the mouth of Swan Creek (now downtown Toledo), where permanent settlement was made after the War of 1812. Two villages, Port Lawrence (1817) and Vistula (1832), were consolidated in 1833 and named for Toledo, Spain. The united community was incorporated as a city in 1837.

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Toledo Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Hall's Laxative Tablets
A Mild and Pleasant Laxative for All the Family
Price 25 cents
F. J. Chew
Toledo, Ohio, USA

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Hall's Laxative Tablets
A Mild and Pleasant Laxative for All the Family
Price 25 cents
F. J. Chewney & Co., Toledo, Ohio
Picturesque America... Oliver Bell Bunce, William Cullen Bryant
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1872-1
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Picturesque America... Oliver Bell Bunce, William Cullen Bryant
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1872-1874.
Adams Street, Toledo, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Adams Street, Toledo, Ohio
The Woolson Spice Co.
Toledo, O.
Toledo, Ohio, USA

The Woolson Spice Co.
Toledo, O.
Collingwood Avenue, North from Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Collingwood Avenue, North from Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio.
Bird's Eye View from Nicholas Building, Toledo, Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Bird's Eye View from Nicholas Building, Toledo, Ohio.

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1837 - Toledo, Ohio founded
1854 - Toledo
Toledo, a city and port of entry of Lucas county, Ohio, on the left bonk of the Maumee river, 4 miles from its mouth, 184 miles N. N. W. from Columbus, and 66 miles S. S. W. from Detroit Lat. 41° 89' 30" N.. Lon. 83° 32' W. It is the terminus of the Wabash and Erie canal, the longest in the Union, and is one of the most flourishing and important entrepots in the commerce of the great lakes. The river flows through Maumee bay into the W. end of Lake Erie, and forms an excel lent harbor, which admits the largest class of steamboats. Toledo is connected by rail road with Chicago on the one hand, and with Cleveland, Buffalo, &c, on the other. It is one of the principal thoroughfares of the emigration passing from New York to the Western States. It communicates daily by steamboat with Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, &c. The number of steamboat arrivals in 1852 was 926, and of sail vessels, 1127— total, 2053. The Wabash and Erie canal. completed in 1852, extends to the Ohio river at... Read MORE...

Toledo, O., March 5. - During the prevalence of a heavy storm of wind and rain, at an early hour this morning, a chimney of the Buckeye Brewery was blown down, falling on and crushing the engine house, in which Policeman JOHN HASSETT and M. T. DOYLE and the night watchman at the brewery had taken refuge. The former were killed and the latter seriously injured. The wind attained a velocity of 72 miles per hour, doing considerable damage.
Decatur Daily Republican
Decatur, Illinois
March 6, 1880
1895 - February 26 - Michael Owens of Toledo, Ohio patents a glass-blowing machine
1896 - COSTLY BLAZE. Gasoline Explodes and Causes Heavy Losses at Toledo.
Toledo, O., April 20. - By the explosion of a barrel of gasoline in the Dauntless bicycle factory the entire plant was wrecked. The fire was communicated to the Toledo machine and tool works, where many valuable patterns were ruined. Their loss will amount to $40,000, with insurance at $30,000. In the Dauntless factory there was 200 finished wheels and many fittings. A second explosion, supposed to be enameling fluid, occurred at 1:30 a. m., Sunday which caused the rear and side walls to fall. The loss on the bicycle factory is placed at $110,000. The insurance is about $75,000.
Evening Bulletin
Decatur, Illinois
April 20, 1896
1902 - SEVEN YOUNG PERSONS DROWN - Naphtha Launch, on Which They Were, Run Down by a Tug Near Toledo, Ohio
TOLEDO, Ohio, May 7 — Seven young people, members of a Sunday school class of the First Baptist Church, were drowned in the Maumee River just below the city tonight at 10 o'clock. The naphtha launch, "Frolic," on which they were taking a pleasure ride, was run down by the tug "Arthur Woods" of the Great Lakes Towing Company's fleet.

The launch is owned by Joseph W. Hepburn of this city, who invited eleven young people to take an evening ride with him. They started out on a trip to Lake Erie early in the evening and were returning when the accident happened.

Mr. Hepburn, Miss Clara Marks, Arthur Marks, and Miss Grace Lowe are the only survivors. Mr. Hepburn states that he saw the lights of the approaching tug, and thinking it was bound straight down the river turned to the east. When nearly abreast of the launch, the tug suddenly turned to the east in order to make the dock at Ironville and, before the launch could get out of the way, it was struck by the tug and turned over. It... Read MORE...

Toledo, a city, port of entry, and the capital of Lucas co., Ohio, is situated on the Maumee River, about 4 miles from Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, 100 miles (direct) W. by N. of Cleveland, on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis and other railroads. It presents an attractive appearance, the houses in the residential quarters standing apart in well-kept gardens. The city has a fine harbor, with a deep water way (the " Straight Channel"), extending to the lake, and with many miles of dockage and warehousing. It has direct communication with the interior by the Miami and Erie Canal, and is the centre of a vast net-work of railroads which make use of the terminals for shipping. Toledo is a natural outlet for much of the grain and lumber products of the north-central section of the Union, likewise for coal and iron, and it is a receiving point for natural gas from the fields of which it is a centre. The city has some notable public buildings, as ... Read MORE...

Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 15. - Seven dead and eleven injured, two of whom probably will die, was the result of a crash on the West Toledo Crossing of the Michigan Central Railroad and the Toledo and Western Traction Line late tonight, in which a traction car was demolished by Big Four passenger train 810.

The dead are:
JAMES MYERS, Motorman of the car, Toledo.
ROY FISHER, son of Mrs. Fisher, West Toledo.
CLARENCE BEECH, Sylvania, Ohio.
MRS. CLARENCE BEECH, Sylvania, Ohio.
Two children of MR. and MRS. BEECH.
The injured are MAYOR JONES of Sylvania; MRS. JONES, wife of the Mayor of Sylvania; CLARA SAXTON, Trilby, Ohio; JOE BOCHMEYER, Trilby, Ohio, probably will die; CHARLES DOLPH, Sylvania, Ohio; GEORGE BRAGDON, Toledo, probably will die; BURT BLANKLEY, Sylvania, Ohio, serious, possibly fatally injured; HIRAM PARKER, Sylvania, Ohio.
According to an eyewitness of the wreck, which occurred shortly after 8 o'clock, the conductor stopped at the... Read MORE...

January 11, 1918 - A tremendous blizzard completely immobilized the Midwest, stopping mail service for two weeks.
The vast storm then moved through the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley. Winds reached 60 mph at Toledo OH, and the temperature plunged from 28 above to 15 below zero during passage of the cold front
January 11, 1918
1920 - Eight Known Dead.
(By Associated Press.)
TOLEDO, Mar. 29. - Eight persons are known to be dead and nearly 100 injured, some so seriously that their death is expected, in a storm of cyclonic intensity that struck Toledo and nearby villages in this section last night.

Raab's Corners, fifteen miles west of Toledo, and Genoa, eighteen miles southeast, were hard hit, the property damages running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About twenty-five homes in Genoa were demolished. Many of the occupants had retired for the night and in several instances whole families suffered injuries.

Raabs Corners, the Catholic church and school were blown over. Charles Harch, a Toledoan, passing through in his automobile, said he saw many women and children lying in the streets with arms and legs apparently broken.

Several also were reported injured at Martins, near Raabs Corner. A large grain elevator at Martins was overturned. It was sheltering at the time five men who had sought refuge from the storm... Read MORE...


Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 5 (AP) - Two persons were killed and a third seriously injured early today in an explosion and fire that destroyed the First Congregational Church and adjacent parish property.

The dead are:
MRS. WILT was caretaker of the church.

MRS. MARY FITZGERALD, assistant caretaker was taken to a hospital.

Cause of the explosion was not definitely determined. Fireman expressed belief it might have resulted from escaping gas in a water heater, but Charles H. Langdon, architect of the building, declared the blast may have resulted from a bomb. He said he did not believe gas was escaping.

Thousands of persons crowded the fire lines around the church property while firemen plunged into the kitchen of the parish house and brought out MRS. FITZGERALD, 33, and the bodies of WILT and his wife. MRS. FITZGERALD was severely burned.

The blast was of terrific...

1936 - January 15 – The first building to be completely covered in glass is completed in Toledo, Ohio, for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.
January 15, 1936
1949 - July 10 - 1st practical rectangular TV tube announced-Toledo, Ohio
2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Toledo:
Toledo Museum of Art:

Explore an impressive collection of art, ranging from ancient to contemporary. The museum is renowned for its glass collection, featuring works by Dale Chihuly.

Toledo Zoo:

Spend a day at the Toledo Zoo, home to over 10,000 animals. The zoo is known for its innovative exhibits, including the Arctic Encounter and the African Savanna.

Maumee Bay State Park:

Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and birdwatching at Maumee Bay State Park. The park offers stunning views of Lake Erie.

Imagination Station:

Perfect for families, this science center features hands-on exhibits that make learning fun. It's a great place for kids to explore and discover.

Toledo Botanical Garden:

Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Toledo Botanical Garden. It's a serene place with themed gardens, sculptures, and art installations.

National Museum of the Great Lakes:

Dive into the maritime history of the Great Lakes. The museum offers... Read MORE...

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