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Toledo, Ohio, USA
1902 - SEVEN YOUNG PERSONS DROWN - Naphtha Launch, on Which They Were, Run Down by a Tug Near Toledo, Ohio

TOLEDO, Ohio, May 7 — Seven young people, members of a Sunday school class of the First Baptist Church, were drowned in the Maumee River just below the city tonight at 10 o'clock. The naphtha launch, "Frolic," on which they were taking a pleasure ride, was run down by the tug "Arthur Woods" of the Great Lakes Towing Company's fleet.

The launch is owned by Joseph W. Hepburn of this city, who invited eleven young people to take an evening ride with him. They started out on a trip to Lake Erie early in the evening and were returning when the accident happened.

Mr. Hepburn, Miss Clara Marks, Arthur Marks, and Miss Grace Lowe are the only survivors. Mr. Hepburn states that he saw the lights of the approaching tug, and thinking it was bound straight down the river turned to the east. When nearly abreast of the launch, the tug suddenly turned to the east in order to make the dock at Ironville and, before the launch could get out of the way, it was struck by the tug and turned over. It sank about 100 feet from the dock. Mr. Hepburn caught hold of the side of the tug and the Lowe girl grasped him and both were pulled on the tug. The Marks girl was picked up from a cushion on which she floated. Arthur Marks also was fortunate enough to grab a piece of wreckage and was picked up by those on the tug.

The other seven members of the party were drowned, and the river is now being dragged for their bodies.

The New York Times
New York, New York
May 8, 1902

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Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA