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Toledo, Ohio, USA
1920 - Eight Known Dead.

(By Associated Press.)
TOLEDO, Mar. 29. - Eight persons are known to be dead and nearly 100 injured, some so seriously that their death is expected, in a storm of cyclonic intensity that struck Toledo and nearby villages in this section last night.

Raab's Corners, fifteen miles west of Toledo, and Genoa, eighteen miles southeast, were hard hit, the property damages running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About twenty-five homes in Genoa were demolished. Many of the occupants had retired for the night and in several instances whole families suffered injuries.

Raabs Corners, the Catholic church and school were blown over. Charles Harch, a Toledoan, passing through in his automobile, said he saw many women and children lying in the streets with arms and legs apparently broken.

Several also were reported injured at Martins, near Raabs Corner. A large grain elevator at Martins was overturned. It was sheltering at the time five men who had sought refuge from the storm which was accompanied by a downpour of rain.

Lake Shore interurbans were unable to get through Genoa to Cleveland last night, the cars being parked outside the village. Relief workers left here this morning for the stricken towns.

The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel
Fort Wayne, Indiana
March 29, 1920

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Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA