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flag  History of Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Journey back in time to Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Visit Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Jersey City, New Jersey, USA - The Daintiest Maid that ever rode a wheel need not fear to use Dixons Graphitoleo  Jos. Dixon Crucible Company Jersey City, N.J.  The Ladies Ho

Jersey City, Hudson, NJ

The oldest structure in Jersey City is the Newkirk House, built by the original Dutch settlers in the late 1600s.

There is MUCH more to discover about Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Read on!

Jersey City Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

The Daintiest Maid that ever rode a wheel need not fear to use Dixon's Graphitoleo

Jos. Dixon Crucible Company
Jersey City, N.J.

The Ladies' Home Journal
April 1898

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

The Olympia Self-Playing Music Box
F. G. Otto & Sons
Jersey City, N.J.

The Ladies' Home Journal
November 1898

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Bergen Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Lafayette St. looking East

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Medical Center

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

The Fish Net & Twine Co.
Found at St Augustine Lighthouse, St Augustine, Florida

Discover Jersey City: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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  • 1630 - Jersey City founded
    Called Pavonia, it was the first Dutch settlement in New Jersey
    Baltimore, July 15.
    The New York papers received this morning, furnish an account of another unfortunate accident occasioned by the explosion of a steam boiler - The Editor of the Commercial Advertiser says, that on Monday evening he went to Jersey City and saw the wreck of the ferry boat and learnt the following particulars:

    About one o'clock, the boat arrived at the city of Jersey, from Courtland street dock, the passengers landed, and the men were employed in getting in wood, the steam at the moment discharging through the safety pipe, when the boiler, burst with an explosion which was heard in this city, and at Bergen and Hoboken. The boiler was seen to rise forty feet from the deck when it exploded, and the fragments flew from 10 to 30 feet from the boat, destroying all the wood work with which they came in contact. MISS CHARLOTTE NELSON, about 19 years old, an adopted daughter of Mr. Peter V. Ledyard, of this city, was driven against the bulkhead, and was instantly killed -- ... Read MORE...

  • 1844 - Jersey City
    JERSEY CITY lies on the west hank of the Hudson, opposite New York, on a peninsula, the Indian name of which was Arese-heck. It was sometimes called, by the Dutch, Areseck-Houck. Soon after the arrival, in 1638, of William Kieft, Director-general of the Dutch West India Co., he had in his possession a farm, described as a lot of land called Paulus Hoeck, which is the first application of the name of Paulus Hook to this peninsula.

    Powles Hook, from a very remote period, belonged to the Van Vorst family; and in 1804 was vested in Cornelius Van Vorst. On the 10th Nov. 1804, an act to incorporate the Associates of the Jersey Co. was passed by the legislature of the state, to whom the title by this time was conveyed. On the 28th Jan. 1820, an act to incorporate the City of Jersey, in the county of Bergen, was passed; under which, and the various supplements and amendments thereto since passed, this city has continued to this time.

    The city, although small, is well laid out, with wide ... Read MORE...

  • 1854 - Jersey City
    Jersey City, capital of Hudson county, New Jersey, on the right or W. bank of the Hudson river, at its entrance into New York bay, and opposite New York city, from which it is 1 mile distant. It is the eastern terminus of the New Jersey railroad leading to Philadelphia, and the southern terminus of the Hudson and Paterson railroad. The Morris canal connects it with Easton, in Pennsylvania. Five large ferry-boats ply continually between New York and this city, and the Cunard line of ocean steamships run from this port. Jersey City is well .built, with wide streets, crossing each other at right angles, and lighted with gas. There are 8 churches, viz. 2 Methodists, 2 Reform ed Dutch, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, 1 Episcopal, and 1 Catholic. It contains 2 banks, a large manufactory of glass, one of black-lead, one of porcelain or delft-ware, several iron foundries, and two newspaper offices. It has several seminaries and a high-school, which enjoys a distinguished reputation. Arrangements... Read MORE...

    Shortly after 10 o'clock yesterday forenoon, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of the American Drug Mills, located on the corner of Washington and Morgan streets, Jersey City. The flames spread rapidly, and in less than twenty minutes the entire building - a five-story brick structure - was enveloped in flames, and the fireman were unable to save the building. The workmen in the upper stories barely escaped with their lives, several of them descending to the ground by means of the lightning rod. There are also rumors that two or three persons lost their lives, but as far as can be ascertained the rumor is without foundation. The building was owned by D. S. GREGORY, JR., & Co., whose loss will probably reach $70,000, said to be covered by insurance in New York companies.

    The Horseshoe Company's building, adjoining, owned by a joint stock company, of which MR. COLGATE is President, was demolished by the falling walls. Loss about $7,000; insured for $3,000 each in the Star and... Read MORE...

  • News  1869 - A miserly merchant, named Lyman Allen, was found dead in his bed at Taylor's hotel, Jersey City, the other morning.
    He had lived there five years, took only one meal daily, was worth $600,000, and his wardrobe, at the time of his death, was valued at twenty-five cents. Friends in Newtown, Conn., got his money.
    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
    December 4, 1869
  • News  1889 - BIG BLAZE IN JERSEY CITY.
    A fire in Jersey City late last night that flamed very high and cast its bright reflection far over the waters of the harbor gave many persons the impression that the Red Star docks were burning.
    It was not these, but some buildings on the west and south that were destroyed.

    The fire caught shortly before 10 o'clock in CUSHING'S pattern and machine shops, a large three-story brick building fronting on Morris Street between Hudson Street and the river. Nearly 200 men were employed here. They had shut down at 6 o'clock, the fires in the engine room were banked as usual, and the cause of the fire is a mystery. From here the fire spread to the small sugar refinery of TUCKER & Co., on the corner of Hudson and Morris Streets, and running back nearly to Sussex Street. The refinery was a large two-story old-fashioned, gable-roofed building, and was well stocked with molasses and sugar. It burned fiercely, and yielded to the volumes of water that were thrown upon it only after the most... Read MORE...

    Jersey City, N.J., November 22. - The walls of a new brick building in course of erection by Wells, Fargo & Co., on Pavonia Avenue, suddenly fell this morning, burying a large number of men in the ruins. The police, firemen and ambulances were soon on the spot, and the work of extricating the buried men commenced. From underneath the big pile of brick and timbers were heard faint calls for help. "We are being crushed to death!" "For God's sake help us out!" While willing hands tore away the bricks from the maimed limbs of the men underneath, others pulled away the iron girders and heavy blocks of wood. As fast as the ambulances arrived the injured men were put into them and sent to the hospital. By 10:30 eight masons, twelve iron-workers and fifteen laborers had been taken out and sent to the hospital. The injuries of some are regarded as fatal, and it is probable a number of them will die. The mason work was being done by MICHAEL BRENNAN. He was superintending it at the time of the... Read MORE...

  • 1895 - Jersey City
    Jersey City, capital of Hudson co., N.J., on the right or W. bank of the Hudson River, at its entrance into New York Bay, and opposite New York City, from which it is 1 mile distant, and with which constant communication is maintained by 5 ferries, running upwards of 25 boats, generally large and powerful. It is bounded N. by North Bergen, Hoboken, and West Hoboken, S. by Bayonne, and W. by Newark Bay and the Hackensack River, and extends 5 miles N. and S. by about 3 miles E. and W. The Morris Canal connects it with Easton, Pa. The streets are gener ally, with few exceptions, laid out at right angles, and are of good width, well paved, sewered, lighted with gas and electricity, and bordered by many handsome residences. There are 4 public squares, which, though small in size, are tastefully laid out. The more prominent public buildings are the city hall, court-house and jail, and school houses, the latter of which number 25, mostly well constructed of brick. It is a terminus of the Red ... Read MORE...

  • News  1902 - February 9 – Fire levels 26 city blocks of Jersey City. (New Jersey)
    February 9, 1902
    One boy was killed, another had his right leg broken and several persons received scratches and bruises when a grandstand on the St. John's baseball grounds, at Seeman Avenue and Larch Street, Jersey City, caved in yesterday afternoon.

    The boy killed was RUSSEL NIELSON, of No. 270 Van Winkle Street. ALEXANDER POPPEWESKI, of No. 1012 Newark Avenue, had his leg broken.
    The grandstand was constructed on Saturday afternoon. Work on it was rushed so that seating capacity would be in readiness for the game yesterday between the St. John's team and the Chatham team, of the Lackawanna League. It was estimated that three hundred persons could find seats in the grandstands. When the umpire called "Play Ball!" it looked as though between four hundred and five hundred persons were crowded into the small stand. The pitcher of the St. John's team had tossed four balls to the Chatham's batsman, when the grandstand was seen to slide forward toward first base. Then there came a crash and the stand ... Read MORE...

  • 1916
    Jersey City, capital of Hudson co., N.J., on the right or W. bank of the Hudson River, at its entrance into New York Bay and opposite New York city, from which it is 1 mile distant and with which constant communication is maintained by several lines of ferries. It adjoins Hoboken on the N. and Newark Bay and the Hackensack River on the W. It is a terminus of several important lines of rail road, — as the Pennsylvania, the Central R. of New Jersey, the Erie, the Lehigh Valley, the West Shore, etc., — and it has also the piers of a number of Transatlantic lines of steamers. Immense quantities of iron, coal, produce, and general merchandise are brought and shipped from here. Among the more notable buildings and institutions are the city- hall, court-house, public library (with upward of 100,000 volumes), various hospitals, etc. Among the educational institutions are Hasbrouck Institute, St. Peter's College, St. Dominic's Academy, and St. Mary's Academy. Jersey City has many and various... Read MORE...

  • 1916 - July 30 - Black Tom Island explosion in Jersey City, NJ.
    Jersey City, N.J., March 28. - (AP) - A three-story brick building suddenly crumbled Sunday and two persons were crushed to death in the wreckage. Three others were injured.

    The building is in the factory section of Jersey City. It took police and firemen more than two hours before they could remove the bodies of DANIEL LAGALPA, 64, and his wife, JOSEPHINE, 54.

    The rescuers pulled out the LAGALPAS' children, JOSEPH, 24, ANNA, 16, and JOAN, 14. The two girls were taken to Jersey City medical center for treatment for shock, bruises and irritation of the eyes from plaster dust. The boy was more seriously hurt. It required an hour of digging before he could be rescued and be taken to the medical center.
    The family lived on the third floor of the structure.

    The first floor was occupied by a grocery store. It was empty at the time.

    A family of four brothers, a sister and an aunt which had resided on the second floor for 12 years moved out three weeks ago. One of the brothers,... Read MORE...

  • 1964 - August 2 - Race riot in Jersey City NJ
    Race riots broke out in Jersey City, 71 stores damaged, 46 people injured. webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ njtimeln.htm

Discover Your Roots: Jersey City Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Jersey City.

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female ancestorTryntje JACOBS (1620, , Netherlands (Holland) (Dutch East Indies) - 11 May 1677, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
female ancestorAeltje DANIELS (21 February 1655, Albany, New York, USA (Fort Orange) - 2 June 1692, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorJohn A. COLE (22 September 1807, - 25 July 1860, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorEdward B PEASE (1816, , New York, USA - 29 January 1870, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorJohn G. CURTIS (1817, Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA - 3 February 1869, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
female ancestorSarah Jane DECKER (August 1817, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA - 23 May 1894, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorTheodore SEELY (1827, - 18 September 1867, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorHenry M ROBINSON (1828, , England (United Kingdom) - 15 October 1869, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)
male ancestorWatson BROWER (1832, , New Jersey, USA - 4 November 1870, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Jersey City.

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male ancestorMax LELL (20 November 1860 - ) and female ancestorFrieda SCHLUTTER (February 1852 - ) married 30 April 1881
male ancestorJohn I., Jr. BURTON (1846 - 20 December 1895) and female ancestorJane Brewer “Jennie” SEABURY (January 1866 - 27 April 1948) married 11 December 1883
male ancestorAugust GETZ (12 August 1869 - 12 May 1949) and female ancestorMiriam RICKERT (19 September 1878 - 6 June 1936) married 23 July 1898
male ancestorMark Aloysius REILLY (4 January 1875 - 1 January 1935) and female ancestorRose Anna CUSICK (3 June 1881 - 21 December 1912) married 16 August 1903
male ancestorJohn Phillip Joseph REILLY (30 September 1906 - 2 February 1988) and photo of Ethel Leona CONLIN Ethel Leona CONLIN (1 December 1909 - 14 September 1974) married 24 April 1927
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