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What is the history of New York, USA?

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Explore New York, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures and genealogy.
"New York, one of the Middle States of the United States, and the most populous of the confederacy, is bounded on the N. by Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence, and Canada East ; on the E. by Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; on the S. by the Atlantic, (if we include Long Island. 1 by New Jersey and Pennsylvania ; and W. by Pennsylvania. Lake Erie, and the Niagara river. This state is separated on the W. and N. W. from Canada West, by Lakes Erie and Ontario, and by the Niagara and St. Lawrence rivers ; and partly from Vermont by Lake Champlain. It lies between 40° 30* and 45° N. lat., and between (if we include Long Island, a dependency of the state) 72° and 79° 55'. W. Ion. Its extreme length from E. to W., exclusive of Long Island, is about 335 miles, and its greatest breadth from N. to S. about 308 miles, including an area of about 46,000 square miles, or 20,440,000 acres, of which 12,408,008 only were improved in 1850, showing a great capacity for increase of population, even in the older and more densely inhabited states of North America..."

A New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States: Giving a Full and Comprehensive Review of the Present Condition, Industry, and Resources of the American Confederacy ...
Thomas Baldwin (of Philadelphia.)
Joseph Thomas
January 1, 1854
Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Company 1854.

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  • News 1717 - March 8 - On Fishers Island in Long Island Sound, 1200 sheep were discovered to have been buried under a snow drift for four weeks. When finally uncovered, one hundred sheep were still alive.

    The Weather Channel
    March 8, 1717

  • News 1727 - November 15 - NY General assembly permits Jews to omit phrase "upon the faith of a Christian" from abjuration oath

  • 1771 - New York becomes the first US state to require a woman’s consent if her husband tries to sell property that she brought to a marriage.
    The act also required the judge to meet privately with the woman to reassure himself that the signature wasn’t forged or her consent coerced.

  • 1775 - May 10 - American Revolution began; Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, along with Benedict Arnold took Fort Ticonderoga.
    In the darkness of the night of May 9, 1775, Ethan Allen, along with Benedict Arnold, led a portion of his militia across the half-mile width of Lake ...Read MORE...

  • 1776 - New York declared independence from England; Nathan Hale hung for spying; Declaration of Independence endorsed; fire in New York City destroyed 1,000 homes webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • News 1777 - July 5 - St. Clair surrenders Fort Ticonderoga to the British

    July 5, 1777

  • 1780 - September 25 - Benedict Arnold's plans to cede West Point to the British discovered.
    September 25, 1780

  • 1788 - New York became 11th state webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • 1792 - New York Stock Exchange founded webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • 1798 - Great epidemic killled 2,086 webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • 1807 - Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont sails up the Hudson River

    The World Almanac of the U.S.A, by Allan Carpenter and Carl Provorse, 1996

  • 1815 - September 23 - One of the greatest hurricanes to strike New England made landfall at Long Island and crossed Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
    It was the worst tempest in nearly two hundred years.

  • 1831 - New York's first railroad opened webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • 1845 - Women gain the right to file patents in New York.

  • 1848 - Married Woman’s Property Act is passed in New York.
    For the first time, a woman wasn’t automatically liable for her husband’s debts; she could enter contracts on her own; she could collect rents or...Read MORE...

  • News 1868 - A "brilliant and lovely" young married woman in New York, aged twenty-five, now sports her fourth husband, having sough relief through the divorce courts from conjugal unpleasantnesses three times since her first marriage, in 1860.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
    April 18, 1868

  • News 1868 - People who receive circulars from New York or elsewhere containing samples of prints of which twelve yards will be sent for a dollar, or ten yards for eighty-five cents, are advised to suspect a swindle.
    The address of one concern issuing such circulars was visited in New York the other day, and it was found that the place was in charge of a boy, and...Read MORE...

  • News 1869 - To do the thing properly in New York at a wedding, the bride must have eight bridesmaids, and a hundred-dollar poodle beside the one she marries.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
    October 30, 1869

  • News 1870 - A young man in New York bet that he could drink six glasses of ice water. He did, and he died.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
    July 16, 1870

  • News 1884 - August 5 – The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor.
    August 5, 1884

  • News 1888 - April 3 – The Brighton Beach Hotel in Coney Island is moved 520 feet using six steam locomotives by civil engineer B. C. Miller to save it from ocean storms.
    April 3, 1888

  • News 1888 - June 26 - Residents of New York suffered through a record heat wave.
    Daily average temperatures were above 80 degrees for fourteen straight days. The heat wave was a sharp contrast to the severe blizzard in March of...Read MORE...

  • New York, USA
    Mayr's Laxative Powder No. 2
    Berosol Products, Distributors
    Rockaway Beach, N.Y.

    Found at The Way It Was Museum, Virginia City, Nevada
  • New York, USA

  • New York, USA
    Circle of St. Mary's and Baptist Church. Syracuse, N. Y.
  • New York, USA
    Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y.
  • New York, USA
    Times Square, New York City
  • News 1901 - April 25 – New York State becomes the first to require automobile license plates.
    April 25,1901

  • 1918 - Great Influenza Pandemic killed 851 webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • New York, USA
    Indian Bay and Elephant Mt., Lake George, N. Y.
  • 1929 - New York Stock Exchanged crashed; Great Depression began webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

  • Frances Perkins becomes the first female member of a Presidential cabinet, 1933
    Perkins, a sociologist and Progressive reformer in New York, served as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor. She kept her job until 1945.

  • 1936 - February 24th - 25th - 1936 - Vermont and New Hampshire received brown snow due to dust from storms in the Great Plains Region. A muddy rain fell across parts of northern New York State.

    The Weather Channel

  • News 1939 - October 15 – The New York Municipal Airport (later renamed La Guardia Airport) is dedicated.
    October 15, 1939

  • New York, USA
    1952 New York State Thruway
  • 1965 - Black nationalist leader, Malcom X, assassinated; Great Northeast Blackout (power outage) webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ nytimeln.htm

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