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Winslow Cemetery (Old Winslow Burying Ground)

Winslow Cemetery Road
Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA

Google Map of Cemetery Location

Bassendon? Bourne Bourne (Bourn) Brooks
  grave stone Gilbert BROOKS (b. 14 April 1621 Elstow, Bedford, England    d. 30 December 1695Bristol, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Anna EAMES (b. abt. 1614 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 1 September 1684Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

Foord (Ford)
  grave stone William FOORD (FORD) (b. abt. 1612 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 23 September 1676Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

Little Simmons Snow
  grave stone Anthony SNOW (b. 1619 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 31 August 1692Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Sarah SNOW (b. June 1651 Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 11 September 1741Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Judith VASSALL (b. abt. 1619 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 3 April 1670Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Abigail WARREN (b. abt. 1620 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 3 January 1692Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Anna WARREN (b. abt. 1612 , England (United Kingdom)    d. 19 February 1675Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Abigail WATERMAN (b. 31 December 1681 Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 15 August 1729Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Anthony WATERMAN (b. 4 Junuary 1684 Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 3 April 1715 )

  grave stone Joseph WATERMAN (b. 2 January 1676 Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA    d. 23 December 1715Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Robert WATERMAN (b. 1608 Norwich, Norfolk, England    d. 10 December 1652Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )