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Birth Places of Ancestors

Claire DOIRON (b. 31 August 1780, Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada  d. 2 April 1823, Pokemouche, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada)

b. Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada

Father's side of family

Father - Zacharie DOIRON b. , Acadia, Canada (Acadie)

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Charles DOIRON b. , Acadia, Canada (Acadie)

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Marie Madeleine THIBODEAU b. Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (Port Royal, Acadia)

Mother's side of family

Mother - Marie Anne LEVICAIRE b. Grande-Rivière, Quebec, Canada

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Pierre LEVICAIRE b. , France

Grandmother - Françoise ROUSSEAU b. Pabos, Quebec, Canada