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San Mateo, California, USA
2023 - San Mateo has a lot to offer! Here's a list of places to go and things to do in and around the area:

Coyote Point Recreation Area:

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the bay, picnic areas, and walking trails.

Visit the CuriOdyssey museum for hands-on science exhibits.

San Mateo Central Park:

Relax in this large urban park with a beautiful Japanese Tea Garden.

Play tennis, take a stroll, or have a picnic with friends and family.

Hiller Aviation Museum:

Explore the history of aviation with a vast collection of aircraft and exhibits.
Downtown San Mateo:

Shop and dine in the vibrant downtown area with its diverse range of boutiques and restaurants.

Filoli Historic House and Garden:

Experience the grandeur of this historic estate with beautiful gardens and a stunning mansion.

Bay Meadows Park:

A modern park with playgrounds, walking trails, and green spaces.

Hiking at Crystal Springs Regional Trail:

Enjoy the outdoors with a hike along the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

San Mateo County History Museum:

Learn about the rich history of San Mateo County through exhibits and artifacts.

Hillsdale Shopping Center:

Shop for the latest trends in this upscale shopping mall.

Events at the San Mateo County Event Center:

Check out the calendar for various events, from trade shows to festivals.

Bridgepointe Shopping Center:

Another shopping destination with a mix of retailers and restaurants.

Explore Burlingame Avenue:

Head to nearby Burlingame for a charming street filled with shops and eateries.

Sawyer Camp Trail:

Walk or bike along this picturesque trail that runs alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

Restaurants in San Mateo:

Indulge in diverse culinary experiences at local favorites like Central Park Bistro, Sushi Sam's, and The Van's.

Attend a Performance at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center:

Check the schedule for concerts, plays, and other performances.

Fiesta Gardens International Farmers' Market:

Enjoy fresh produce and local goods at this weekly farmers' market.

Join a Community Event:

Stay updated on local events like street fairs, parades, and community gatherings.

Shoreview Park and Recreation Center:

A great spot for sports enthusiasts with facilities for basketball, tennis, and more.

Visit Half Moon Bay:

Take a short drive to the coast and explore the beaches and shops in Half Moon Bay.

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San Mateo, California, USA

San Mateo, California, USA

San Mateo, California, USA