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Name: Dwight D Eisenhower
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 28 Mar 1969
Event Place: , United States And Territory
Military Tour Date:
Casualty Category: Non-Battle Dead
Affiliate Battle Code:
Casualty Status Note: Non-Hostile Dead: Died Of Illness/ Disease
Previous Casualty Status Note:
Previous Casualty Country:
Military Previous Casualty Group:
Report Number:
Casualty Number: 5301
Military Classification or Dependant:
Military Category:
Military Rank: General Of The Army
Military Specialty:
Social Security Number: 3822
Military Service Branch:
Military Commission Source:
Military Command:
Military Component: Regular
Marital Status: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Birth Date:
Residence Place:
Affiliate Publication Title: Records of Deceased, Wounded, Ill, or Injured Army Personell, Including Dependents and Civilian Employees, created 1/ 1/ 1961-12/ 1981.
Affiliate ARC Identifier: 641697

"United States Casualties of Army Personnel, Dependents and Civilian Employees, 1961-1981," Database, FamilySearch ( ark:/ 61903/ 1:1:KXCH-F5V : accessed 28 June 2015), Dwight D Eisenhower, 28 Mar 1969; citing Death, , NARA NAID 641697, National Archives at College Park, Maryland. (Mormon Genealogy Records)


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