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1891 - Fatal Disregard of a Wife's Advice

Union, S. C, March 17. - A very sad accident occurred near Home postoffice, in this County, last Friday, 13th instant. C. LaFayette Kirby was cleaning out his well, when the rope, or chain, broke and the bucket, with its contents, (estimated to weigh about 150 pounds,) fell on him. His neck was broken and he died instantly. We have heard from good authority that he went into the well that morning against the protest of his wife, who proposed to pay for cleaning it with her own money. But he scouted the idea of her proposition and told her "good bye" as he descended into his premature grave. Two colored men were at the windlass. The bucket was near the top when it fell hack. The younger of the men at the windlass immediately seized the rope and descended to learn the fate of the unfortunate man below. He found him dead. He tied the rope around the dead man's body and the other drew it out of the well. We are told that the whole matter was the work of only a few minutes, and certainly reflects credit upon the colored men who acted so promptly.

Mr. Kirby was a member of the Methodist Church, and also of Gethsamne Sunday school. He leaves a wife and several small children to mourn his untimely death. He was buried at Corinth Church last Sabbath in the presence of a large concourse of people. - Correspondence Greenville News.

The Intelligencer
Anderson, South Carolina
Thurs, March 26, 1891

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