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Guillaume TRAHAN

"Guillaume, son of Nicolas Trahan and Renée Desloges of St.-Pierre, Montreuil-Bellay, Anjou, France, born in c1601, was an edge-tool maker living in nearby Bourgueil when he came to Acadia aboard the St.-Jehan in 1636 with his wife Francoise Corbineau, two young daughters, and a valet--among the first French families to settle in Acadia. Guillaume and Francoise had been married at St.-Étienne, Chinon, Touraine, France, in July 1627. Their daughters were Jeanne, born in c1629 probably at Chinon, and a girl whose name has been lost to history, born perhaps at Bourgueil; Jeanne married Jacques dit Jacob Bourgeois at Port-Royal in c1643, and the younger daughter married widower Germain Doucet dit La Verdure at Port-Royal in c1654, both important early settlers. The edge-tool maker himself became a shaker and a mover in the Port-Royal community. In July 1640, Guillaume testified in an inquiry against former governor Charles de La Tour with future son-in-law Germain Doucet dit La Verdure. When the British seized Port-Royal in 1654, Guillaume was syndic of the settlement and, as head of the Port-Royal council, signed the capitulation document. Meanwhile, Francoise died at Port-Royal in c1664, and in c1666, when he was 65 years old, Guillaume remarried to Madeleine, 21-year-old daughter of Vincent Brun. Madeleine gave the old fellow seven more children, including three sons, all born at Port-Royal, who created families of their own. Three of their daughters married into the Doiron, Vincent, and Léger dit LaRosette families. Guillaume died at Port-Royal in c1684; he was 83 years old. "

Source: www.acadiansingray.com/

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