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Perkins, Mary E. "Old houses of the antient [sic] town of Norwich, 1660-1800 : with maps, illustrations, portraits, and genealogies" Page 169 - 171
"Miss Caulkins mentions a James Norman, who in 1715, was a captain of a vessel engaged in the Barbadoes trade, and in 1717 was licensed to keep a tavern. This James Norman may be the one whose house we have just located, or possibly the latter was the son of the sea captain. He was in 1723, a 'clothiar.' No record has been found of his marriage of the birth of children, but we know that a James Norman married after 1730, Mary (Rudd) Leffingwell, widow of Nathaniel Leffingwell, of whose estate he was the administrator. Mary (Leffingwell) Norman died in 1734. James Norman died in 1743, leaving a wife, Elizabeth, and three children, Caleb, Mary, and Joshua, the two latter choosing their brother Caleb for guardian. The heirs divide the property in 1753-4. Mary Norman marries Eleazer Burnham and sells her John Hughes in 1753... Joshua Norman married in 1760, Content Fanning, and had seven children. He lived in the old Norman house for a while, but moved away before 1768..."

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