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, United States (USA) (American Colonies) - 1945 - August 6 – WWII: Atomic bombing of Hiroshima: A United States B-29 Superfortress, the Enola Gay, drops an atomic bomb, codenamed "Little Boy", on Hiroshima, Japan, at 8:15 a.m. (local time).

Blasting of Hiroshima
Atomic Bomb Kills 150,000
...All Living Things Seared To Death, Tokyo Says

OKINAWA, Aug. 8 - (NS) - At least 150,000 Japanese were estimated today to have been killed Monday in the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

This estimate was made by Lt. Col. Bob Herring, Breckenridge, Tex., and scores of veteran airmen after viewing new reconnaissance photographs taken of the devastated city by Okinawa-based planes.

The latest reconnaissance photographs failed to show any buildings or walls standing anywhere in Hiroshima.

The southern Honshu city was levelled flat and looked like a million comets dug up and disintegrated everything.

The scene of desolation created a great furore among troops who now believe the end of the war is in sight.

They can't imagine that even the Japanese will be willing to see their entire nation wiped out by atomic bombs.

The only question in the minds of soldiers on Okinawa is:

"How many atomic bombs have we got ready?"

Too Many To Be Counted.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8 - (INS) - Radio Tokyo declared today that the corpses in Hiroshima were "too numerous to be counted" and that "practically all living things, human and animal were literally seared to death" by the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city.

The enemy radio claimed, in a French language broadcast to Europe, that the use of the atom bomb was a violation of international law.

The denunciation quoted in the broadcast aimed at Europe was attributed to "authorized quarters in Tokyo" which were otherwise unidentified.

The Lincoln Star
Lincoln, Nebraska
August 8, 1945

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