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Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT
1935 - August 14 – United States President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act into law.

Roosevelt Sees New Steps To Social Security For Nation
WASHINGTON, Aug. 15. (AP). - President Roosevelt, embarking the government on the New Deal's vast social security program, forsees further social and economic adjustments to come.

When he signed the Security bill into law yesterday, amid formal ceremony, he said it was a "cornerstone in a structure which is being built but is by no means complete."

The bill, which the President said would apply to 30,000,000 persons, provides for contributory old age pensions., Federal-state pensions for aged needy, a Federal-State unemployment insurance system, special fare for dependent children and mothers. It contains a huge tax program to raise the funds.

Legislators and high officials surrounded the President in the cabinet room as he affixed his signature. He spoke into sound cameras recording the event. A secretary told newsmen that the President used "about 30 pens" to sign the bill, so that numerous requests for souvenirs could be satisfied.

There was no definite indication today as to wen the President will appoint the board of three members which will administer certain phases of the program.

The Daily Mail
Hagerstown, Maryland
August 15, 1935


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