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1887 - An Entire Passenger Train Wrecked By a Double-Header Freight Train

Meadville, Pa Dec 31, - At Eight o'clock this morning train No. 8, from the West, running fifty miles an hour, collided with a double-header freight four miles west of this city on the New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio railroad. The entire passenger train is a total wreck, and forty persons are supposed to be killed.

All the physicians in the city and several hundred persons have gone to the scene by a special train

Meadville, Pa., Dec 31.- 12:15 PM - A report from the wreck just received says that only four persons are killed and three wounded. No passengers are reported killed.

Still Later
Meadville, Pa., Dec 31. - ENGINEER SWANN, of the passenger train, ENGINEERS GOUGE and McFARLAND, of the double-header, and all the firemen are reported dead. All have families. It is said the number of wounded will reach one hundred.

Further Particulars - The Injured and the Killed

Meadville, Pa., Dec 31. - The following particulars of the wreck have just been received here at 2 PM: The injured are all out of the wreck, and have arrived here by train, and are now at the hospital. The train men killed are: ARTHUR GREVIN, WILLIAM GAUGE and E.P. SWANN, of Meadville, and EDWIN HAINES, of Cambridge. The other dead man is a MR STEVENSON, a commercial traveler, from Toledo, who died after being taken from the wreck. The bodies of STEVENSON and HAINES are at the undertakers. The other dead are still in the wreck, and will not be recovered for several hours. The injured were all in the smoker, which was literally ground to kindling.

The Cincinnati sleeper had fourteen and the Chicago sleeper had sixteen passengers, all safe. Among the wounded are: JOSEPH BOYNTON, Meadville, express agent; PHILIP FOULK, San Francisco, right arm fractured; S.A. MALONE, Salamanca, right leg broken; ADOLF BUST, Cincinnati, both legs crushed;

The wreck was caused by the freight engineer leaving the Meadville yard in advance of orders. He was ordered to leave the yard as soon as train No. 8 arrived. He went in advance of its arrival. When YARDMASTER DECKER saw they were gone he boarded a switch engine and under all steam followed, but was unable to overtake the freight.

The scene at the wreck is horrible. Three engines are in a solid jam on the track, the baggage car and smoker are in kindling, the express car, a new Erie, is but slightly injured, although it ground both baggage and smoker to bits. Its strength, doubtless, saved the day coach from telescoping with the smoker.

Saturday Herald
Decatur, Illinois
January 7, 1888

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