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1919 - BOMB TEARS GREAT HOLE IN ROOF OF McKEESPORT MILL - Workmen Flee When Explosion Hurls Debris in All Directions - Attempt to Wreck Plant of American Sheet and Tinplate Company Fails

PITTSBURGH, Pa., Oct. 8. - An attempt was made to wreck the plant of American Sheet and Tinplate Company, at McKeesport, early today, when a missile, believed to have been a bomb was thrown on the shipping department building. It exploded, tearing a large hole in the roof of the structure. No one was injured.

The police believe the explosion was caused by a time bomb placed upon the roof of the building.

Workmen on the night shift at their posts directly under where the missile exploded fled in terror when the explosion occurred, and bits of shattered wood and glass were hurled in all directions.

Foreigners Frightened
Foreign residents of the district, panic-stricken, rushed from their homes into the streets. The report of the blast could be heard from blocks and attracted hundreds of persons to the scene.

Although several hundred mill guard and police were rushed to the plant immediately after the explosion. No trace of the person or persons responsible for the blast could be found.

The tinplate plant is one of the largest concerns of its kind in the country and has been affected by the steel workers' strike. During the past week, however, many men are said to have reported for work. The police say that a number of those men have been threatened with death if they continued to remain at work. They believe that the bomb was used to terrorize these workmen, who have deserted the ranks of the strikers in that district.

Steel strike conditions in the Pittsburgh district remained unchanged today, neither side putting forth claims of any very substantial gains.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 9, 1919

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