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, Missouri, USA
1915 - HAVOC WROUGHT IN MISSOURI AND KANSAS BY HIGH WINDS AND LIGHTNING. Heavy Fall of Rain Turns Many Streams Into Raging Torrents - Homes Demolished and Bridges Washed Out.

Kansas City, Mo. - Nineteen deaths and many persons injured was the result of the terrific windstorm in Missouri and Kansas on Friday.

A list of deaths from the storm follows:

Richmond, Mo. - MRS. ARTHUR COVEY and small child, killed when their home was demolished by a tornado; MRS. MARY BELL, 60 years old, struck by lightning.

Westmoreland, Kan. - CHARLES MORRIS, his son and JOHN GUNTHER, drowned when their gasoline motor car was swept into a creek by a sudden rush of water.

Onaga, Kan. - Five members of family of JOHN BURGES, farmer, killed when a tornado demolished the Burges home.

Nevada, Mo. - MRS. GERTRUDE KNAU, 80, lost life when house was demolished by a tornado.

Latour, Mo. - MRS. ALMA ALLMAN, killed when wind swept her home away.

Montrose, Mo. - Unidentified infant killed in windstorm.

Wamego, Kan. - GENE NICHOLS, farmer, struck by lightning.

Goltry, Okla. - MRS. CARRIE FORD, killed in tornado that demolished her home.

Joplin, Mo. - Two-year old daughter of FRANK DOSS, drowned in swollen creek near Doss home.

Waterville, Kan. - FRANK REBOULL, drowned when a railroad bridge went down taking eight section men with it. All escaped except REBOULL.

Downs, Kan. - LOUIS VANDERPOOL, a farmer, drowned while crossing the Solomon river.

The heavy fall of rain, ranging from two to five inches turned many small creeks in the affected district into turbulent streams which extended their waters over lowlands and sent the rivers to which they are tributary on rapid upward spurts.

Carbon County
June 25, 1915

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