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, United States (USA) (American Colonies)
1776 - American Declaration of Independence (July 4)

TRENTON, July 8.

The declaration of Independence was this day proclaimed here, together with the new constitution of late, established, and the resolve of the Provincial Congress for continuing the administration of justice during the interim.

The members of the Provincial Congress, the gentlemen of the Committee, the officers and privates of the Militia under arms and a large concourse of the inhabitants attended on this great and solemn occasion. The declaration and other proceedings were received with loud acclamations.

The people are now convinced of what we ought long since to have known, that our enemies have left us no middle way between perfect freedom and abject slavery.

In the Field we hope, as well as in Council, the inhabitants of New Jersey will be found ever ready to support the Freedom and Independence of America.

The Pennsylvania Packet
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 15, 1776

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