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, Russia (Soviet Union) (U.S.S.R.) - 1957 - October 4 - USSR launches Sputnik 1 - Space race begins

Russian People Tickled Pink at Success of Their Sputnik

MOSCOW (AP) - The Russian people are tickled pink that their scientists have grabbed the lead from the Americans in the satellite field. But they're not surprised about their Sputnik - Russian for earth satellite.

The Russian people believe Soviet science leads the world. They do not see Western newspaper and magazines, and know little of scientific development outside the Communist world.

Amid the jubilant newspaper and radio accounts of the first man-made moon circling the earth the Soviet government newspaper Izvestia and several leading scientists announced the next targets in the satellite program.

Soon, they said, will come bigger satellites than the 184-pound sphere now aloft.

In time (the Russians didn't say when) a satellite will be sent up which can be brought back to earth intact and will not burn up when it re-enters denser atmosphere as the Sputnik will.

AND THEN, the statements added, the Russians will dispatch a satellite that will go around the moon before returning to the earth. And the Soviet people generally expect that program will be carried out

Presumably Soviet scientists already are hard at work on these targets, quietly and in almost complete secrecy, as they worked on the 184-pounder.

Only scant advance information was given out on the first baby moon. The launching came as a surprise.

Every Moscow newspaper now is printing columns of comment from all over the world on the satellite and timetables of the little ball's flight over the cities of the world.

Many foreigners in Moscow cannot understand why the Communist bosses did not delay the launching until closer to the 40th anniversary of the Red Revolution, on Nov. 7.

These observers wonder if something even more spectacular than the satellite or the ICBM is waiting in the wings for unveiling then.

The Russian "man in the street" has taken up the speculation. Taxi drivers, hotel doormen and others, after reading the extravagant praises of the Soviet system and scientists in the Sunday papers, agreed something extra special could be expected a month from now.

Wilmington News-Journal
Wilmington, Ohio
October 7, 1957

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