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1886 - The Cyclone. Destruction of Life and Property. Greatest Similar Calamity Ever Known in Ohio. Thirty Dead Bodies Recovered at Xenia.

Last night there was another electrical storm with wind, rain and hail. The Xenia storm, however, was much more furious.

Xenia was situated so as to meet the worse results. Shawnee creek traverses a portion of the city adjacent to the Little Miami road, which lies lower than the main portion of the city. The railroad embankment rises above the general level and the stream flows through it in a large culvert. Last night’s rainfall was entirely too much for the capacity of that culvert. The water rose and at last swept away the embankment and with accumulated force rushed upon the small cottages located on the low banks and without warning bore them from their foundations. At Springfield the flood was of nearly equal volume, but the drainage was better. East High street bridge was undermined and is in a mass of ruins. In the eastern and southeastern portions of the city many families were driven from their homes by the increasing flood. Dozens of bridges over the streams were washed away. The losses can not be estimated, but will be exceedingly heavy.

Newark Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio
May 13, 1886

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Xenia, Ohio, USA

Xenia, Ohio, USA

Xenia, Ohio, USA

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