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1902 - Four are Killed in Railroad Wreck. Disaster on Pennsylvania Line Near Xenia, Ohio-Passenger Train in Collision With Wild Coal Car.

Dayton, Ohio, July 25.- Engineer WILLIAM CLARK of Xenia, under his engine, burned to a crisp; his fireman, PATRICK DWYER of Cincinnati, head crushed, right arm broken and both legs cut off; two railway mail clerks, M.M. PETERS of Cincinnati and E.F. MCKEOWN of Greenfield, Ind., killed and ten passengers injured, some of them dangerously, is the awful story of the wrecking of the Pennsylvania limited train No. 2 from St. Louis to New York at 10:30 o'clock last Thursday night at Trebein's Station, a short distance from Xenia.

The train was flying eastward at highest speed, when the engine struck a loaded coal car, which in the darkness had escaped from the siding in Xenia and had run off onto the main track and down a steep grade. The engine struck it going at full speed and was turned over with Engineer CLARK underneath. The postal car, combination car and day coach, impelled by the heavy sleepers behind, piled over the engine. Two Pullmans were laid across the track at right angles. A gas tank under one of the cars exploded, setting fire to the wreck. The postal car, the coaches and two sleepers were consumed by the flames. At that point the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton and Pan Handle railroads are parallel and both were torn up for a distance of fifty yards, blocking traffic.

The New York Times
New York, New York
July 26, 1902

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Xenia, Ohio, USA

Xenia, Ohio, USA

Xenia, Ohio, USA

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