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Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Millbury, Massachusetts, USA? 

Millbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Millbury was first settled by white Europeans in 1716 and was officially incorporated in 1813.

Millbury has a long history as a New England mill town, from which the town's name is derived. The Blackstone River flows through the town which during the Industrial Revolution provided much of the water power to the town's many textile mills and factories.

Millbury was originally the Second or North Parish of Sutton. Because traveling from one part of Sutton to the other for town meetings, etc. was difficult and time-consuming, the inhabitants of the Northern Parish petitioned the Massachusetts General Court to split the town of Sutton into two separate towns. The North Parish became the town of Millbury on June 11, 1813 by way of an act of incorporation.wikipedia

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Millbury, Massachusetts, USA -
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - Bird's Eye View of Millbury, Mass.
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

Bird's Eye View of Millbury, Mass.
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - First Congregational Church, Millbury, Mass.
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

First Congregational Church, Millbury, Mass.
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - First Congregational Church, Bramanville, Millbury, Mass. (1907)
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

First Congregational Church, Bramanville, Millbury, Mass. (1907)
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - Torrey Mansion, The Millbury Home of President Taft
Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

Torrey Mansion, The Millbury Home of President Taft

"President William Howard Taft spent many summer vacations in Millbury as a young boy,... Read MORE...

History / News

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1776 - The first paper mill in Central Massachusetts was built in Millbury by Abijah Burbank. centennialhistor01mill/ centennialhistor01mill_djvu.txt
1819 - In April, Luther Gould and Nathaniel Goddard began shoe manufacturing near the gun factory. (Millbury) centennialhistor01mill/ centennialhistor01mill_djvu.txt
1822 - A new store was opened by Benedict, Braman, and Preston, in which West India goods were sold. (Millbury) centennialhistor01mill/ centennialhistor01mill_djvu.txt
1824 - Thomas Blanchard exhibited at Springfield a steam carriage for running on the public road. (Millbury) stream/ centennialhistor01mill/ centennialhistor01mill_djvu.txt
1827 - The Goodell Manufacturing Co. is a very large establishment.
It is calculated to turn out three hundred yards of broadcloth per day. In the same neighborhood is ...Read MORE...

1828 - This was the year of the digging of the Blackstone Canal.
On March 27th, the first shovelful of earth in Millbury was turned over, near Mr. Greenwood's; on...Read MORE...

8. MILLBURY. [Pop. 2,171. Inc. 1813.]
Millbury was formerly a part of Sutton, and derived its name from its numerous mills, Bury and...Read MORE...

1848 - Millbury
MILLBURY, formerly a part of Sutton, was incorporated as a town in 1813. It was incorporated as a...Read MORE...

News  1870 - A man recently drove his horse from Millbury to Worcester, seven miles, in twenty one minutes for $25, and the animal died shortly afterwards in great agony after entering the stable.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
July 23, 1870
Worcester, Mass., May 20 - The extensive stock stables on Grass Hill farm, Millbury, were burned...Read MORE...

News  1885 - A curious coincidence in connection with a half-dozen houses being built at Millbury Juncation, Mass.,
is that the little piece of land upon which they are to stand is in three towns - Worcester,...Read MORE...

Millbury Massachusetts, 1890
Millbury is situated near the middle of the southern half of Worcester County, 39 miles from Boston ...Read MORE...

News  1899 - After Five-Year Shutdown,
Millbury, Mass., Jan. 9. - The big woolen factory at Blackstone, known as No. 1 mill, is resuming...Read MORE...

Millbury, a banking post-village in Millbury township (town), Worcester co., Mass., on the...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag   William Jennison BLANCHARD (19 December 1808, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 15 November 1848, Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers)) gravestone

flag   Dorilda DESMARAIS (abt. 1885, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 23 April 1959, Fall River, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag   Mary Lydia DESMARAIS (23 May 1897, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - , )

flag   Elmira LADOUCEUR (abt. 1885, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 1953, Whitman, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Lewis SYRIAC (18 January 1871, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - , )
flag   Lizzie SYRIAC (1874, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - , )

Syriac (Theriaque dit DeForest)
flag   Alfred SYRIAC (THERIAQUE dit DEFOREST) (May 1877, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 18 September 1945, Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

Syriac (Theriaque)
flag   Edwidge (Elizabeth) SYRIAC (THERIAQUE) (28 June 1872, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 2 September 1949, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard)) gravestone

Syriac (Theriaque) DeForest
flag   Corinna Louise Mary SYRIAC (THERIAQUE) DEFOREST (28 November 1873, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 2 October 1967, Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag   Allphonse Simeon THIBEAULT (23 February 1895, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - , )
flag   Charles THIBEAULT (17 March 1869, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - , )

Thiriac (Theriaque)
flag   Mary Ann THIRIAC (THERIAQUE) (3 September 1879, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 29 December 1968, Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag    George Elon WHITE (7 March 1848, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA - 17 May 1935, Chicago, Illinois, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag   Flora BEAUDOIN (, Sorel, Québec, Canada - April 21, 1935, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Eli LACOUTURE (, Saint-Ours, Québec, Canada (Immaculée-Conception) - Sept 28, 1910, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

Laliberte (Liberty)
flag   Rita Mary LALIBERTE (LIBERTY) (13 August 1922, , New Hampshire, USA - 26 March 2008, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Mary Ann LAVERTY (18 May 1842, Northbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Whitinsville) - 5 April 1885, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Willard MORSE (1815, Putnam, Connecticut, USA - 12 May 1886, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant - Canada to US    Charles THIBEAULT (21 September 1842, Sorel, Québec, Canada - 23 August 1909, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Sefton "David" ORRELL (WORRELL) (abt. 1836 - 27 June 1891) & Mary Ann LAVERTY (18 May 1842 - 5 April 1885)
married 28 September 1867

Charles THIBEAULT (21 September 1842 - 23 August 1909) & Elizabeth COSSKEY (1857 - )
married 16 July 1885

Jeremiah Stanislas DESMARAIS (1874 - 21 November 1931) & Lydia Mary SEGUIN (18 November 1877 - 17 March 1913)
married 23 September 1894
Charles-Émile BAZIN (May 30 1866 - October 10, 1938) & Henriette MATHIEU ( - )
married 5 February 1894

Reuben BAKER (14 April 1874 - 13 January 1921) & Marie Albina Clarinda RENAUD (13 August 1876 - 24 January 1971)
married 11 August 1895

Cemeteries in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

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