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Oak Hill Cemetery

Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville)

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  grave stone Andrew F. BEAN (b. 26 October 1820    d. 29 January 1886Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone Roscoe K. BENNER (b. 1836    d. 30 March 1888Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  not available Fred A CHASE (b. 29 December 1890 Lewiston, Maine, USA    d. 16 July 1957Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone Hiram FAIRBANKS (b. 2 October 1815 Turner, Maine, USA    d. 18 March 1886Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone John B. KELSEY (b. 1823    d. 6 December 1886Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone Abner LARRABEE (b. 8 January 1816 Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville)    d. 21 November 1879Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone Julia Peables MCCANN (b. 21 November 1895 Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville)    d. 27 July 1975Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone Harriet Julia PEABLES (b. February 1867 Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville)    d. 20 August 1902Auburn, Maine, USA (Danville) )

  grave stone Lionel Raymond PEPIN (b. 2 December 1952 Augusta, Maine, USA    d. 16 December 2000, Maine, USA )