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Lakeview Cemetery

426 Court Street
Penn Yan, New York, USA (Bluff Point)

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  grave stone Adelia H BLESSING (b. January 1884 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. 3 September 1961Penn Yan, New York, USA (Bluff Point) )

  grave stone Amelia L BLESSING (b. January 1886 Meriden, Connecticut, USA    d. 20 July 1954Penn Yan, New York, USA (Bluff Point) )

Fleming Haines
  grave stone Albert HAINES (b. 5 January 1824 Southeast, New York, USA (Brewster)    d. 29 October 1907Benton, New York, USA )

  grave stone Eben Sherwood SMITH (b. 28 August 1820 Northumberland, New York, USA    d. 20 February 1906 )