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Fairview Cemetery

Dalton, Massachusetts, USA

  grave stone Helen O BORASKI (b. 3 June 1921 Dalton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 16 February 2010Dalton, Massachusetts, USA )

  grave stone George Maurice CALLAHAN (b. 21 June 1883 Dalton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1952 )

  grave stone Thomas Henry CALLAHAN (b. 17 October 1887 Dalton, Massachusetts, USA    d. 1948 )

Croughal (Crockwell) (Croughwell) Croughwell Devlin Donovan
  not available John Daniel DONOVAN (b. 24 November 1952 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)    d. 20 March 2008Orlando, Florida, USA )