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Birth Places of Ancestors

Marston Fayette BRIGGS (b. abt. 1840, Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA  d. 31 August 1900, Adams, Massachusetts, USA)

Marston Fayette BRIGGS
b. Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Father's side of family

Father - Asaph Leonard BRIGGS b. Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Josiah Leonard BRIGGS b. Taunton, Massachusetts, USA (East Taunton)

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Lois VAUGHAN b. New Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Mother's side of family

Mother - Lilly EATON b. Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Marston EATON b. Killingly, Connecticut, USA (Danielson) (Dayville) (East Killingly)

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Charlotte DUTTON b. Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA