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Forever Cousins: Eight Generations of the Theinert Family

by Gail Theinert Harris and Rebecca Baker Thomas

Forever Cousins: Eight Generations of the Theinert Family
Forever Cousins: Eight Generations of the Theinert Family
ISBN-10: 1463733526
ISBN-13: 978-1463733520

Publication Date: Jan 11 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1463733526 / 9781463733520
Page Count: 520
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Reference / Genealogy

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A piece of our journey is a story about history and how history lives. It takes us to a place where the past becomes a part of you and you become a part of the past, through the bloodline passed down through your ancestors, to you, to us, to many others. This is a story about how two somewhat distant cousins met on the Internet and grew to become more than family. It is a search for the past, for now, and for the future. Inside these pages are our stories and they are your stories. There's something about these people and their lives that still touch us, still mold us and make us who we are today. We might not know which piece of us came from whom exactly, but we are a part of these people and they are a part of us. We are also a part of each other, even as distant family.
This book documents Johann Karl Gottlieb Theunert and Johanna Rosalie Mennig, emigrants from Prussia to the United States. It follows their descendants through 8 generations to the present day. It contains photos of the family, their birth/marriage/death records, the location of their grave stones and photos of their graves (if we have them). It also contains some rather interesting newspaper articles we have found on the family, stories about our journey in researching the Theunert family, as well our best attempt to piece together their immigration story.

Surnames include:

Theunert, Theinert, Ahl, Albano, Alence, Allen, Altieri, Ames, Aycrigg, Bachman, Bachulus, Bader, Baker, Balogh, Banner, Barden, Barrette, Bean, Beattie, Beebe, Bennett, Bergmann, Blessing, Bohenko, Borras, Bourgarde, Boyko, Brandes, Briggs, Brindamour, Brouilette, Brulett, Brown, Browning, Burns, Burris, Carbone, Carl, Carpenter, Ceminski, Cesan, Chaffee, Churchill, Cinelli, Clarke, Cody, Connery, Cook, Costanzo, Cowles, Craig, Crawford, Crouss, Cyrus, Dahl, Dahlheim, Danforth, Dashney, Davide, Davis, Dean, DeBiase, Delmonaco, Dimarco, Donovan, Dorschel, Drachler, Dubois, Dundon, Dupre, Durgin, Edwards, Egan, Ellison, Ellsberg, English, Equi, Eroshevich, Farina, Fecke, Feige, Felton, Ferris, Filiault, Flagg, Flaviani, Fletcher, Ford, Fox, Fraley, Froehlich, Gabel, Gaboury, Gagnon, Gallagher, Ganger, Gardner, Gasink, Gevry, Gimlich, Goetz, Goode, Gosse, Graham, Granquist, Greiner, Guthrie, Gutterson, Habershon, Hadsell, Hagenow, Hall, Hansen, Hanzl, Hardy, Harris, Hatton, Hauser, Haxton, Hayes, Heisler, Hey, Hite, Hoisve, Hooey, Hopfner, Horn, Hughes, Huminski, Humphrey, Jackson, Jacobsen, Jasse, Johnson, Kaarlsen, Kaiser, Kelley, Kenney, Kerens, Klenovic, Krueger, Labadie, Lachapelle, LaPointe, Lasker, Lawler, Learned, LeFever, Lester, Lopes, Lowe, Lucy, Marass, Mason, McClain, McDaniel, McDonough, Meiggs, Mennig (Männig), Merritt, Misarti, Misto, Mitchell, Monahan, Moore, Mullikin, Nicholson, Norcliffe, Nyland, O'Brien, O'Hara, Otwell, Pajak, Pate, Peach, Poliak, Pond, Porter, Pratt, Reams, Reive, Rennie, Rheel, Rhinehart, Rieke, Rizza, Roberts, Robinson, Roederer, Rutkoski, Ruyffelaert, Rychlec, Sampson, Schaier, Schaser, Schlageter, Schlomann, Schwarze, Senter, Setzer, Shalom, Shorey, Simonelli, Sinclair, Slade, Slattery, Sonntag, Southworth, Spears, Stevens, Stewart, Taylor, Tell, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Tiffany, Timmerman, Troio, Truax, Turner, Valkoun, Vernava, Vogel, Walker, Walsh, Wackenheim, West, Wiknik, Willis, Wilton, Wolschendorf, Young, Zambrello, Zelanin, Zesk

Walter Frederic Theinert - William Theinert (left) about age 8. Walter F. Theinert (right) about age 6.
Androscoggin's Secret - The Murder of Jessie Cobb in 1900 Lewiston, Maine
Wilhelm Albert "William" Theinert - William and Annie
Francis Joseph Bourgarde - Binghamton Press Binghamton, New York Sat. July 16, 1949
Francois (Frank) Joseph Bourgarde - Frances Joseph Bourgarde, Sr.
Augustus (Augustine) Henry Bourgarde - Augustine Henry Bourgarde & Mary wedding picture
Anna May Bourgarde -

Jacob C Gimlich - 22 Jan 1912 Obituary
Louisa Ellen Feige - Louisa Feige Gimlich at the beach
Minerva "Minnie" Katheryne Gimlich - Minerva Gimlich Bennett
Henry (Carl Wilhelm Heinrich) Feige - Tuesday, October 10, 1899
George Wilhelm Feige - George W. Feige and Charlotte M. Salisbury Thanks to Shirley (Mason) Roederer
Evelyn Pearl Feige - Leo and Evelyn at the beach
Helen Louise Feige - Bottom L to R: Charlotte Salisbury Feige, George W. Feige, Helen Feige, Anna Feige (child), Cliff Feige (child), ?, Dot Feige (baby) Top Row: George Feige, not sure where. George Korch, not sure where. No idea who the 3rd man is.

Albert A Blessing -
George William Feige - George Feige Jr. around 1917
Heinrich Wilhelm "Henry" Blessing -
Carl "Charles" Theodore Blessing - Charles T. and Frances M. Blessing

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Gail's Path

  • Walter F. Theinert and Edna B. Lawton meet – Albion, Lincoln, RI, 1929
  • Family Stories
  • Albion Farm, Grange Road, Norwich, CT
  • The Wilhelm August Erdman Theunert/Theinert Family

Chapter 2 Beckie's Path

  • Southbridge, Massachusetts, 1960s
  • My Grandparents
  • My Great-Grandparents
  • Other Family
  • A Few More Stories
  • The Search for the Prussians Begins - The Augusta Amalie Theunert Feige Family
  • Search for "Thienert"

Chapter 3 Our Paths Combine

  • The Start of a Wonderful Journey in Life and Genealogy
  • Our Family Arrives in America
  • What was it like in Prussia before they left?
  • Time Line – 50+ Years in the German Empire (1795-1853)
  • Why did they leave Prussia?
  • The Journey from Prussia to America
  • Letters Carried on the Journey
  • Getting to Pittsfield
  • What was it like in Pittsfield when our family arrived?
  • 50 Years in America
  • Time Line – The First 50 Years in America (1854-1904)
  • Finding Our Family (Our stories)
  • Our Family in the News
  • When did our families stop knowing each other?

Chapter 4 Closing

Alphabetical Cross-Reference to Appendix

Appendix - Theunert Family Tree - Generations 1-8

Descendants of Johann Karl Gottlieb Theunert and Rosalie Mennig:

NOTE: People in BOLD are listed in the book. Others, we found after writing it. Either way, it is your family!

Ahl - Arline Beatrice Ahl, Tryphena Ophelia Ahl

Albano - Christopher R Albano, Rick Albano, Sherry D Albano, Steven M Albano, Susan Albano

Alence - Anita Marie Alence, Anne Marie Alence, Beatrice Imelda Alence, Edward Gerard Alence, Katherine Mary Alence, Kellie Elizabeth Alence, Kimberly Anne Alence, Richard Ferdinand Alence, Richard Francis Alence, Robert William Alence, Robert William Alence, Ryan Austin Alence

Allen - Anna Deubre Allen, Beatrice Elizabeth Allen, Charles Allen, Christopher Allen, Eleanor May Allen, Peter Allen, Samuel Ethan Allen

Altieri - Daniel Altieri, Donna Altieri

Ames - Christy Jean Ames, Edna Mae Ames, Kenneth Alan "Butch" Ames, Kimberly Ames, Mary Ann Ames, Roy Ames, Tracey L Ames

Aycrigg - Benjamin Aycrigg, Christopher Aycrigg, Elizabeth "Betsy" Aycrigg, Gerard Aycrigg, Jonothan Aycrigg, Mary Lee Aycrigg

Bachman - Christian J Bachman, Elizabeth E Bachman, Jessica R Bachman

Bachulus - Ann Bachulus, Joan Humphrey Bachulus, Judith Bachulus

Bader - Anna Louise Bader, Anthony Patrick Bader, Barbara Bader, Carol Ann Bader, Charles Albert Bader, Charles DeGroat Bader, Christie Pierpont Bader, Clara Minnie Bader, Cynthia Ann Bader, David Edward Bader, Davis Bradford Bader, Edith Leona Bader, Edward Charles Bader, George Harry Bader, Harry Aldo Bader, Joan Bader, June Bader, Lillian Alice Bader, Mabel Viola Bader, Mary Ellsworth Bader, Nicole Elizabeth Bader, Patricia Bader, Stella Reese Bader, Taria Antoinette Bader

Baker - Branden Baker, Bruce Stuart Baker, Earl Raymond Baker, Frank Louis Baker, Hoyt Baker, Joan Evelyn Baker, Keith Bruce Baker, Leroy Burton Baker, Rebecca Ann Baker, Richard Leo Baker

Balogh - Benjamin Balogh, Katherine Balogh

Banner - William Arthur Banner

Barden - Cynthia Barden, Elizabeth Barden, Kathleen Barden

Barrette - Deborah M Barrette, Jeffrey W Barrette, Mark E Barrette, Matthew A Barrette, Michael A Barrette, Peter J Barrette

Bean - Michael R Bean, Sandra E Bean, Wesley Harry Bean

Beattie - Charles Aaron Beattie, Elizabeth Ann Beattie, Kelly Ann Beattie, Mark Aaron Beattie, Tirzah Beattie

Beebe - Bernice I Beebe, Cheryl Beebe, Daniel C Beebe, Elton Corodon Beebe, George Harold Beebe, Judith Beebe, Kenneth Ahl Beebe, Marilyn Elaine Beebe, Mildred A Beebe, Ruth A Beebe, Stephen Beebe

Bennett - Mary Louise Bennett

Bergmann - Carl "Charles" Wilhelm Bergmann, Caroline "Carrie" Johanne Bergmann, Ella "Ellen" Ernestine Bergmann

Blessing - Adelia H Blessing, Albert A Blessing, Amelia L Blessing, Anna Caroline Margaret Blessing, Burton Dean Blessing, Burton Judd Blessing, Carl "Charles" Theodore Blessing, Carol Ann Blessing, Carolyn F Blessing, Charles Henry Blessing, Charles Joseph Blessing, Charles William Blessing, Cheryl Blessing, Christopher Blessing, Constance Blessing, Dana Elizabeth Blessing, David Edward Blessing, Deborah Blessing, Diane Blessing, Donald Blessing, Donald A Blessing, Dorian D Blessing, Dorothy A Blessing, Dorothy Ruth Blessing, Edith Blessing, Emmett Branch Blessing, Esther M Blessing, Frances M Blessing, Frank Blessing, Franz "Frank" Erdmann Blessing, Frederick August "Gus" Blessing, Frederick George Blessing, Frederick Wilhelm Blessing, George Arthur Blessing, George Friedrich Blessing, Gregory F Blessing, Hazel S Blessing, Heinrich Wilhelm "Henry" Blessing, Henrietta Friederika Blessing, Henrietta Ruth Blessing, Herbert Frank Blessing, Howard E Blessing, Howard F Blessing, James Wendell Blessing, Jennifer Michelle Blessing, Jonathan Judd Blessing, Joseph August Frank Blessing, Kelly Blessing, Kristopher Mathew Blessing, Lillian Blessing, Lisa Blessing, Lynn M Blessing, Mae Blessing, Marie Wilhelmina Blessing, Marion Blessing, Marjorie E Blessing, Mark Blessing, Matthew A Blessing, Michael Blessing, Monica F Blessing, Patrick Gregory Blessing, Raymond Blessing, Raymond W Blessing, Robert Frank Blessing, Ronald C Blessing, Ruth Elizabeth Blessing, Sandra L Blessing, Sarah E Blessing, Scott Alan Blessing, Sharon Ann Blessing, Terry L Blessing, Thelma Louise Blessing, Theodore R Blessing, Theodore Roosevelt Blessing, Timothy Andrew Blessing, Warren J Blessing, William H Blessing, William Henry Blessing, Woodrow Wilson Blessing

Bohenko - Joanne A Bohenko, LuAnne A Bohenko, Mary Bohenko, Patrick W Bohenko, Peggy A Bohenko, Richard A Bohenko, Susan Bohenko

Bourgarde - Alice Katharine Bourgarde, Anna May Bourgarde, Augustus (Augustine) Henry Bourgarde, Augustus Henry Bourgarde, Cecelia Amanda Bourgarde, Claire Elizabeth Bourgarde, Donna Lou Bourgarde, Edith Marie Bourgarde, Francis Joseph Bourgarde, Jeanne Marie Bourgarde, Joseph John Bourgarde, Katherine Elizabeth Bourgarde, Lester Francis Bourgarde, Marie Katherine Bourgarde

Boyko - Blake Boyko, Ian Boyko

Brandes - Allan J Brandes, Carla A Brandes, Gordon Salisbury Brandes, Harold W Brandes, Harold W "Skip" Brandes, John M Brandes, Robert H Brandes, Susan L Brandes

Briggs - Barbara Louise Briggs, Caroline Amelia "Camille" Briggs, Jonathan A Briggs, Lloyd Gimlich Briggs, Lydia Richard Briggs

Brindamour - Amy Joy Brindamour, Cathy Ann Brindamour, James Thomas Brindamour, John Philip Brindamour, Kenneth Paul Brindamour, Samantha Lynn Brindamour, Timothy Paul Brindamour

Brouilette - Alan B Brouilette, Alan Brian Brouilette, Clarence Bader Brouilette, Eileen Harriet Brouilette, Eric James Brouilette, Nancy Brouilette, Richmond Douglas Brouilette (Brulett)

Brown - Haley C Brown, Kristyn Brown

Browning - Elizabeth Browning, Heather Martina Browning, Katelyn Margaret Browning

Burns - Duncan Edgar Burns, Savannah Rae Burns

Burris - Richard Dale Burris, Susan Gail Burris

Carbone - Margaret M Carbone, Phillip G Carbone

Carl - David Allen Carl

Carpenter - David Carpenter, Lori Carpenter

Ceminski - Gregory Ceminski, Kimberly Ceminski

Cesan - Anne Cesan, Camille Cesan, David Theodore Cesan, David Wesley Cesan, John Samuel Cesan, John T Cesan, Paul Cesan, Ruth Irene Cesan

Chaffee - Leslie Seymour Chaffee

Churchill - Anne Elizabeth Churchill, Charles V Churchill, Jane A Churchill, Susan Churchill, Thomas A Churchill, William Charles Churchill

Cinelli - Noah Cinelli

Clarke - Bailee Clarke, Jake Clarke

Cody - Maureen Cody, Patricia Cody, William J Cody

Connery - David A Connery, Jack Connery, James M Connery, Susan Connery

Cook - Barbara Cook, Carolyn Louise Cook, Christopher Cook, Colin Kendall Cook, Douglas P Cook, Eric Cook, Eva May Cook, Harland Lawrence Cook, James Cook, Jeffrey Cook, Jennifer Cook, Joanne Cook, Linda Cook, Ralph Walter Cook, Ronald Cook, Ronald Cameron "Jake" Cook

Costanzo - Aiden Jeffery Costanzo, Norah Elizabeth Costanzo

Cowles - Barry W Cowles, Gail F Cowles

Craig - Jeffrey Craig

Crawford - Charles Collins Crawford, David Francis Crawford, Nancy Crawford, Robert Crawford

Crouss - Alvina Martha Crouss, Anna Amelia Crouss, Anna Beatrice Crouss, Bonnie Jeanne Crouss, Carl "Charles" Theodore Crouss, Carol A Crouss, Deborah Ann Crouss, Edith Augusta Bertha Crouss, Edward Warren Crouss, Frederick Crouss, George Henry Crouss, George Willard Crouss, Gloria J Crouss, Herman Fisher Crouss, Herman "Skip" Fisher Crouss, Herman August Crouss, Hollie Marie Crouss, Irene Kathan Crouss, Janice L Crouss, Judith Crouss, Kathleen Lucille Crouss, Laurel Crouss, Leslie Nelson Crouss, Lucille Sarah Crouss, Marcia Crouss, Ophelia Louisa Crouss, Randall Crouss, Raymond G Crouss, Raymond Scott Crouss, Rebecca L Crouss, Robert Willard Crouss, Roland Scott Crouss, Sharon Crouss, Theodore A Crouss, Theodore Austin Crouss, Willard Conrad Crouss, William Crouss

Cyrus - Anne Windsor Cyrus, Carolyn Louise Cyrus, Charles William Cyrus, Charles Windsor Cyrus, James Tileston Cyrus, John Spencer Cyrus, Nathaniel Greene Cyrus

Dahl - Deana A Dahl, Jeffrey S Dahl, Nicholas Dahl, Olivia Dahl

Dahlheim - James Andrew Dahlheim, Samuel Ernst Dahlheim

Danforth - Ann Danforth, Cecily Danforth, Gary Danforth

Dashney - Howard R Dashney, John J Dashney, Robert H Dashney, Valerie Jean Dashney

Davide - Brad Roland Davide, Melissa Ann Davide, Shawn Christopher Davide

Davis - Dorothy Davis, Jeffrey Steven Davis, Lisa Davis, Pamela Evelyn Davis, Scott Robert Davis, Wesley Davis

Dean - Mark W Dean

DeBiase - Frederick Roland DeBiase, Josephine Elizabeth DeBiase, Zeta Catherine DeBiase

Delmonaco - Patricia Ann Delmonaco, Thomas Michael Delmonaco

Dimarco - Joseph Paul Dimarco, Madeleine Stiles Dimarco

Donovan - John E Donovan, Meghann E Donovan

Dorschel - Brian James Dorschel, David John Dorschel, David William Dorschel, Dawn Elizabeth Dorschel, Gayle Elizabeth Dorschel, Keith William Dorschel, Matthew Robert Dorschel, Tyler Victor Dorschel

Drachler - Ann Marie Drachler, Elizabeth "Betty" Bourgarde Drachler, Elizabeth Ann Drachler, Erica Drachler, Grace Helene Drachler, Katherine Drachler, Katherine Ann Drachler, Pamela Drachler, Sarah Drachler, William Charles Drachler

Dubois - Jennifer L Dubois

Dundon - Colleen Dundon, Corrine M Dundon, Donald L Dundon, John Dundon, John Joseph Dundon, Kathleen Anne Dundon, Patrick Dundon

Dupre - Ann E Dupre, Francis W Dupre, Jean M Dupre

Durgin - Kerianne L Durgin, Nicole M Durgin

Edwards - Allysa Christine Edwards, Brian Keith Edwards, David Michael Edwards, Deborah Edwards, Edgar Earle Edwards, Gary Russell Edwards, Jessica Rae Edwards, Keith Robert Edwards, Michael Paul Edwards, Nathan Louis Edwards, Nathan Shane Edwards, Nicole Marie Edwards, Priscilla Edwards, Rebecca Lee Edwards, Stephanie Lisa Edwards, Susan Marie Edwards

Egan - Dennis Egan, Eleanor M Egan, Elizabeth Mary Egan, James M Egan, Jennifer Egan, John M Egan, Kathy Egan, Margaret Lillian Egan, Mark T Egan, Mary Egan, Robert F Egan

Ellison - Amy Ellison, Karl Ellison

Ellsberg - Catherine Ellsberg, Christina Ellsberg, Nicholas Ellsberg

English - Carrie Lynne English, Jonathan English, Ketha English, Martha E English, Peter Clark English, Susan Ann English

Equi - Eleanor Equi, Marjorie Equi, Martha E Equi

Eroshevich - Jacob Eroshevich, Jaden Eroshevich

Farina - Joel Farina

Fecke - Ava Grace Fecke, Ella Anne Fecke

Feige - Alwine "Ellen" L Feige, Anne Louise Feige, Augusta Amalie Feige, Carl "Charles" Feige, Charles Clifford "Kipp" Feige, Charlotte Anna Feige, Christine Emma Feige, Christopher C Feige, Clifford Arthur Feige, David J Feige, Dorothy "Dori" Feige, Dorothy Elizabeth Feige, Edgar Charles Feige, Edgar Crosley "Edward" Feige, Edward Evylyn Feige, Evelyn Pearl Feige, George Crosley Feige, George W "Skip" Feige, George Wilhelm Feige, George William Feige, Gertrude Marie "Trudy" Feige, Helen Louise Feige, Henry (Carl Wilhelm Heinrich) Feige, Howard F Feige, James Feige, Janice E Feige, Jessie Mabel Feige, John Feige, John H Feige, Karen Feige, Lillian Maude Feige, Linda Feige, Lori Feige, Louisa Ellen Feige, Margaret Elizabeth Feige, Melissa Feige, Nancy Ann Feige, Paul J Feige, Peter A Feige, Richard S Feige, Richard W Feige, Robert F Feige, Susan J Feige, Thomas R Feige, Thomas Richard Feige, Vivian L Feige, Willard "Bill" Feige, Willard F Feige, Willard S Feige, William E. "Billy" Feige, William Edward Feige, William Ernest Feige

Felton - Tiffany L Felton, Tony F Felton

Ferris - Oren L Ferris, Paula Ferris, William E Ferris, Willie Lee Ferris, Yvette Ferris

Filiault - Scott M Filiault, Matthew Ernest Filiault, Jacqueline Filiault

Flagg - Cynthia Anne Flagg, Jeffrey Martin Flagg, Kenneth Alden Flagg, Linda Sue Flagg

Flaviani - Beatrice Irene Flaviani, James Richard Flaviani, Marie Elaine Flaviani, Vincent Andrew Flaviani

Fletcher - Leroy Percy Fletcher, Lucile Persis Fletcher

Ford - Callie Ford, Pamela T Ford, Patricia R Ford, Peggy Louise Ford, Peter E Ford, Stephanie Ford

Fox - Robert Irvin Fox, Ronald W Fox, Stephen M Fox

Fraley - Ada A Fraley, Christine Louise Fraley, Clifford Horace Fraley, Clifford Joseph Fraley, Cora E Fraley, Eileen Ethel Fraley, Evelyn Regina Fraley, Everett John Fraley, James Edward Fraley, John Charles Fraley, Judith Fraley, Justine Elle Fraley, Mary Elizabeth Fraley, Maud Blanche Fraley, Norman Euclid Fraley, Peter Matthew Fraley, Robert Fraley, Robert Bruce Fraley

Froehlich - Mary "Marie" Katherine Froehlich

Gabel - Debra Gabel, W. Brad Gabel

Gaboury - Alfred J Gaboury, Barbara Ann Gaboury, Joan E Gaboury, John K Gaboury, Marjorie R Gaboury, Tracey A Gaboury

Gagnon - Lauren Blair Gagnon, Ryan Peter Gagnon

Gallagher - Barbara A Gallagher, Donna Gallagher, George Edward Gallagher, Kimberly Gallagher, Mary Gallagher, Melissa M Gallagher, Patrick J Gallagher

Ganger - Michael Ganger, Suzanne Ganger

Gardner - Amanda R Gardner, Richard L Gardner

Gasink - John Winslow Gasink, Kara Townsend Gasink, Krista Cushing Gasink

Gevry - Lawrence L Gevry, Leonard S Gevry, Lloyd R Gevry, Louis J Gevry, Rita M Gevry

Gimlich - Carolyn Emma Gimlich, Clifford Edwin Gimlich, David John Gimlich, Donald Wilcox Gimlich, Doris Elizabeth Gimlich, Jacob Arthur Gimlich, Marie (Mary) S Gimlich, Marion Rose Gimlich, Marjorie Louise Gimlich, Matlida "Tillie" Louise Gimlich, Mildred Pauline Amelia Gimlich, Minerva "Minnie" Katheryne Gimlich

Goetz - Susan Goetz

Goode - James D Goode, James J Goode, Kathleen Goode, Matthew Goode, Michelle B Goode, Nicole A Goode, Peter B Goode, Peter T Goode, Timothy F Goode

Gosse - Marilyn Jeanne Gosse, Wendell Morrison Gosse

Graham - James M Graham, Richard R Graham, Robert M Graham

Granquist - Jackson Dylan Granquist

Greiner - Robert J Greiner, Robert R Greiner, Ruth H Greiner

Guthrie - Arthur Allen Guthrie

Gutterson - Alburn Morton Gutterson

Habershon - Shirley E Habershon

Hadsell - Derwood N Hadsell, Diana Hadsell, Duane Niles Hadsell, Gregory Hadsell, Lois Jeanette Hadsell, Norman M Hadsell, Steven Hadsell

Hagenow - Raymond Louis Hagenow, Shirley M Hagenow

Hall - Bruce Champlin Hall, Jeffrey Hall, Jeremy Hall, John Merril Hall, Jonathan Hall, Julie Anne Hall

Hansen - Charles M Hansen, Claudia Hansen, Deborah A Hansen, Donald Howard Hansen, Edward R Hansen, Edwin D Hansen, Frances M Hansen, Helen M Hansen, John W Hansen, Karina Hansen, Lance Darrick Hansen, Lester L Hansen, Patricia Hansen, Richard A Hansen, Theodore H Hansen, William Richard Hansen

Hanzl - Christopher Howard Hanzl, William Matthew Hanzl

Hardy - Amanda Marie Hardy, Jessica Lynn Hardy, Kimberly St Cyr Hardy, Melissa Elizabeth Hardy, Richard Alton Hardy

Harris - Darcie Theinert Harris, Stacy Louise Harris, Trina G Harris

Hatton - John Ray Hatton

Hauser - Jeffrey Michael Hauser, Laura Elaine Hauser, Steven Christopher Hauser

Haxton - Brian Haxton, Daysha Haxton

Hayes - Cindy Hayes

Heisler - Makayla Marie Heisler

Hey - Brian R Hey, Craig Stephen Hey, Ladd Hey, Ladd Paul Hey

Hite - Alyssa Evelyn Hite, Nicole Hite

Hoisve - David Thompson Hoisve

Hooey - Dale A Hooey, Laureen D Hooey

Hopfner - Adam Hopfner, Eric S Hopfner, Richard Lee Hopfner, Robin L Hopfner

Horn - Paige Campbell Horn, Pauline M Horn, Robert Howard Horn

Hughes - Giuliana Hughes

Huminski - Benjamin Windsor Huminski, Douglas Jay Huminski, Pamela Anne Huminski

Humphrey - Ernestine Louise Humphrey

Jackson - Krista L Jackson, Leah Jackson, Mathew Jackson, Todd B Jackson

Jacobsen - Justine Jacobsen, Rob Jacobsen

Jasse - Arline Grace Jasse, Frederick William Jasse, Raymond L Jasse, Robert E Jasse, Susan Jasse

Johnson - Amy H Johnson, Michael F Johnson, Robert Howe Johnson

Kaarlsen - Karen Elizabeth Kaarlsen, Kevin Kaarlsen, Shawn Kaarlsen

Kaiser - Henry Kaiser, Howard C Kaiser, Nona Mae Kaiser, Robert Calvin Kaiser, Robert H Kaiser, Sadie M Kaiser

Kelley - Patricia Mary Kelley

Kenney - Erin Kenney, Ryland Kenney

Kerens - Gertrude Ceccilia Kerens

Klenovic - Carrie Anne Klenovic, Jonathan Gary Klenovic

Krueger - Bette Jane Krueger

Labadie - Amanda Labadie, Marc Labadie

Lachapelle - Beverly Lachapelle, Marilyn J Lachapelle

LaPointe - Janice LaPointe, John Bourgarde LaPointe, John G "Jack" LaPointe, John Lailan LaPointe, Nicole Catherine LaPointe

Lasker - Carol Lasker, Holly L Lasker, Judith Lasker, Nancy Lasker

Lawler - David Lawler, Patricia Lawler, Richard Lawler, Thomas L Lawler

Learned - Ann R Learned, Edna Maude Learned, Edward F Learned, Franklyn Edward Learned, Howard Charles Learned, James Drachler Learned, Jennifer Engstrom Learned, John Christie Learned, Richard Learned, Sara Sally Learned

LeFever - Brogan LeFever, Connor LeFever, Hayden LeFever, Jamie LeFever, Kacey LeFever, Kendall LeFever, Shawn LeFever, Todd LeFever, Trevor LeFever

Lester - Katherine Ann Lester, Kristen Elizabeth Lester, Rebecca Dawn Lester

Lopes - Amanda Sophia Lopes

Lowe - Alan Lowe, Alicia Lowe

Marass - Colin Nelson Stewart Marass, Jessica Margaret Marass, Patrick Ian Marass

Mason - Barbara Lucille Mason, Beatrice Winifred Mason, Benjamin Ashley Mason, Brenda Lee Mason, Carolyn Ann Mason, David Christopher Mason, David Earl Mason, Earl Nichols Mason, Edgar Albert Mason, Henry Joseph Mason, Jennifer Lee Mason, Karen Christine Mason, Kenneth Earle Mason, Louise Roberta Mason, Marilyn Elaine Mason, Patricia Ann Mason, Scott Nichols Mason, Sheila Marie Mason, Shirley Anne Mason, Steven Joseph Mason

McClain - Adrian Marie McClain, Brian William McClain, Bryna Joy McClain, Denise Marie McClain, Faelynn Christine McClain, Hannah Catherine McClain, Kevin Andrew McClain, Michael Patrick McClain, Paige Elizabeth McClain, Rachel Elizabeth McClain, Richard Ervin McClain, Roger Wayne McClain, Samantha Ann McClain, Terry Mason McClain

McDaniel - Kathleen McDaniel, Patricia McDaniel

McDonough - Diane McDonough, Kevin C McDonough, Mary M McDonough, Michael McDonough, Robert P McDonough, William V McDonough

Meiggs - Ashley Lauren Meiggs, Christopher Jeffrey Meiggs, John Raymond Meiggs, Kim Leslie Meiggs, Linda Anne Meiggs, Lynsay Marie Meiggs, Sharon Louise Meiggs, Susan Lynne Meiggs

Mennig (Männig) - Johanna Rosalie Mennig (Männig)

Merritt - Carolyn Merritt, George Edward Merritt, Gladys Elizabeth Merritt, Hobart D Merritt, Hobart Duane Merritt, James Merritt, Jean Frances Merritt, Lester George Merritt, Michael Merritt, Niles Bourgarde Merritt, Shirley Anne Merritt, Stanley F Merritt, Walter Merritt

Misarti - Sarah Misarti

Misto - Julia Lynne Misto, Thomas Michael Misto, Jr.

Mitchell - David Engley Mitchell, Donna Powell Mitchell, Kendra Mitchell

Monahan - Alice E Monahan, Alice I Monahan, Anna M Monahan, Clyde J Ernest Monahan, Eva S Monahan, James F Monahan, James V Monahan, Joshua Monahan, Larry Monahan, Melissa Monahan, Pamela Monahan, Ralph Adam Monahan, William Monahan, William Frederick Monahan

Moore - Alice Mary Moore, Aubrey Moore, Callen Moore, Donald Joseph Moore, Edward J Moore, Robert W Moore

Mullikin - Evan Matthew Mullikin, Katelyn Elisabeth Mullikin, Zachary Michael Mullikin

Nicholson - David Nicholson, Jane St Cyr Nicholson, Jared C Nicholson, Jeffrey John Nicholson, John Nicholson, Justin B Nicholson, Samuel Morris Nicholson

Norcliffe - Douglas Lloyd Norcliffe, Edouard Lloyd Norcliffe, Eric Leslie Norcliffe, Mara Lynn Norcliffe

Nyland - Mary C Nyland, Rebecca Nyland, William W Nyland

O'Brien - Amelia A O'Brien, Lydia M O'Brien

O'Hara - Cassie O'Hara

Otwell - Amelia Otwell, Collin Scott Otwell, James Otwell, Lynne S Otwell, Scott Francis Otwell, Trevor J Otwell

Pajak - Avery Pajak, Carson Pajak

Pate - Michael Pate

Peach - Frederick Benjamin Peach, Kimberly Peach, Lindsay Peach

Poliak - Daniel Cuper Poliak, Elizabeth Stiles Poliak, Sarah Helen Poliak

Pond - Elizabeth Ann Pond

Porter - Frederick Andrew Porter, Jeremy M Porter, Jesse Van Cortlandt Porter, Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth Porter, Nathan R Porter

Pratt - Edith Mabel Pratt, Kimberly Ann Pratt, Marjorie Pratt, Raymond Aubrey Pratt, Richard K Pratt, Richard Young Pratt

Reams - Donna Marie Reams, Gregory Thomas Reams

Rennie - Allison Rennie, Jillian Rennie, Russell Rennie

Reth - Joe Reth, Nikki Reth

Rheel - Annie Louise Rheel, Charlotte "Lottie" May Rheel, Etta Alberta Rheel, George Henry Rheel, Mabel E Rheel, Minnie Alice Rheel

Rhinehart - Barbara Louise Rhinehart, Carole Rhinehart, Cheryl A Rhinehart, Chris Rhinehart

Rieke - Henry L Rieke, Jennifer L Rieke, Mary Jo E Rieke, Michael A Rieke, Neil E Rieke

Rizza - Eric Rizza, James P Rizza, Jason Rizza, Jessica Rizza, Joan M Rizza, Joseph Rizza, Laura Rizza, Michael Rizza, Michele Rizza, Paul Rizza, Peggy Rizza, Sandra Rizza, Suzanne Rizza

Roberts - Cynthia S Roberts, Donnie P Roberts, Jaclyn Roberts, Jennifer Gail Roberts, Sean David Roberts, Stephen W Roberts

Robinson - Mabel Alice Robinson

Roederer - Chris Alan Roederer, Karen Marie Roederer, Patricia Leigh "Trish" Roederer, Sandra Kay Roederer, Steven Craig Roederer, Susan Lynn Roederer

Rouleau - Benjamin J Rouleau, Monica Rouleau

Rutkoski - Lynn Elizabeth Rutkoski

Ruyffelaert - Shawn Ruyffelaert

Rychlec - Christine Rychlec

Sampson - Julia Sampson, Kimberly Sampson

Schaier - Edward John Schaier

Schaser - Andrea Denise Schaser, Charles William Schaser, Joanna Carol Schaser, Lisa Anne Schaser

Schlageter - Ann Bruce Schlageter, Elizabeth Cope Schlageter, Mary "Kit" Katherine Schlageter

Schlomann - Alfred Kenneth Schlomann, Edward Schlomann, Elizabeth Schlomann, Frederick E Schlomann, Margaret E Schlomann, Rebecca Schlomann, Robert Henry Schlomann, Tristan R Schlomann

Schwarze - Charles Paul Schwarze, Erdman P Schwarze, Lauren Marie Schwarze, Lindsey Rose Schwarze

Senter - Richard L Senter

Shalom - Joshua Shalom, Nathan Shalom

Shorey - Grace E Shorey, Grace Louise Augusta Shorey, Helen L Shorey, Howard W Shorey, Pearl Margaret Frances Shorey, William F Shorey, William H Shorey

Simonelli - Anthony J Simonelli, Charles A Simonelli

Sinclair - Olivia Marie Sinclair

Slade - Barbara Slade, Charles Stafford Slade, Clayton Jerome Slade, Doris Isabelle Slade, E. Kimberley Slade, Edson S Slade, James A Slade, James William Slade, John M Slade, Kenneth D Slade, Mary Slade, Mary Ann Slade, Nancy Jane Slade, R. Scott Slade, Robert C Slade, Ruth E Slade, Timothy Slade

Slattery - Elizabeth Slattery, John E Slattery, Michael M Slattery

Sonntag - Jennifer M Sonntag

Southworth - David Southworth

Spears - Elizabeth "Betsy" Spears, Steven Spears

Stevens - Christopher Francis Stevens, Jeremy Stevens, Lillian F Stevens, Richard C Stevens, Suzanne Stevens

Stewart - Nancy Stewart, Roger Stewart, Sally Stewart

Taylor - Arthur Taylor, Frances L Taylor

Tell - Deborah Tell

Thayer - Georgia Bader Thayer, Virginia Thayer

Theinert - Anna L Theinert, Anne Theinert, Augusta Johanne Theinert, Beatrice Theinert, Charles Hoyt Theinert, Elaine Margaret Theinert, Eleanor May Theinert, Emma Wilhelmine Theinert, Gail Louise Theinert, Gladys E Theinert, Herman August Theinert, Lillian Theinert, Louise Johanna Pauline Theinert, Minna Ernestine "Minnie Alice" Theinert, Rosalie Eleanor Theinert, Walter Frederic Theinert, Wilhelm Albert "William" Theinert, Wilhelm August Erdman Theinert, William Theinert, William Erdman "Edward W" Theinert

Theinert Mason - Elizabeth Pauline Theinert Mason

Theunert - August Karl Theunert, Augusta Amalie Theunert, Caroline Henrietta Theunert, Christiane Rosalie Theunert, Friedrich August Theunert, Johann Karl Gottlieb Theunert, Johanna Christine Theunert, Marie Caroline Theunert

Thomas - Craig David Thomas, Michael Scott Thomas

Thompson - Bertrand Henry Thompson, Donald Thompson, Elaine F Thompson, Harry R Thompson, Howard Lyman Thompson, Lois Augusta Thompson, Ralph S Thompson, Ralph Sheridan Thompson

Tiffany - Frederick Tiffany, Martin J Tiffany

Timmerman - Anna Amelia Timmerman, Caroline C Timmerman, Frederick Timmerman, Frederick Whiting Timmerman, Frederick Whiting Timmerman, Henry W Timmerman, Kelli Lynn Timmerman, Phillip Roberts Timmerman

Troio - Jenna Troio, Marco Troio

Turner - Anna Christine Turner, Gavin Martin Turner, Liam Augustus Turner, Saxton Oliver Turner

Valkoun - Brett James Valkoun

Vernava - Adam Vernava, Adrian Vernava, Andrew Vernava, Arlen G Vernava, Camille Vernava

Vogel - Amalie Christiane "Augusta" Vogel

Wackenheim - George E Wackenheim, Linda Wackenheim

Walker - Ellsworth Davis Walker

Walsh - Agnes E Walsh, Alice G Walsh, Anna E Walsh, Cleytris Marion Walsh, Francis Joseph Walsh, Helena C Walsh, James Martin Walsh, Joseph Edward Walsh, Marilyn R Walsh, Mary Augusta Walsh

West - Hazel A West, Howard M West, Mildred M West

Wiknik - Brenda E Wiknik, Daniel J Wiknik

Willis - Jo Anne Willis

Wilton - Caitlin Wilton

Wolschendorf - Fern Wolschendorf, Gloria Wolschendorf

Zambrello - Reagan Zambrello

Zelanin - David Zelanin, Kathy A Zelanin, Paul A Zelanin, Russell Zelanin, Walter A Zelanin

Zesk - Alicia Noel Zesk, Caitlin Nicole Zesk

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