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Genealogy Family Group Record for Gertrude Elizabeth DUSSEAU

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What is a Family Group Record?
A Family Group Record is a family tree genealogy chart.
"Focusing on the family unit, the family group sheet includes space for a couple and their children, along with fields to record birth, death, marriage and burial places for each." ( od/ free_charts/ a/ forms.htm)

Husband's Name: Edward Carl JASCOB
Born: 17 September 1896 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Married / Joined: 23 September 1919 Place: Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Died: 31 August 1970 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
His Father: August JASCOB (JASCHOB)
Born: 10 February 1859 Place: , Germany (German States) (German Empire)
Died: 4 January 1929 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
His Mother: Tharasa MASSELL
Born: 1860 Place: , Germany (German States) (German Empire)
Died: 4 March 1932 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Wife's Maiden Name: Gertrude Elizabeth DUSSEAU
Born: 25 August 1900 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Died: 6 August 1993 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Her Father: Oneal Oliver DUSSEAU
Born: 9 August 1865 Place:
Died: 22 October 1954 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Her Mother: Elizabeth REAU
Born: 31 August 1868 Place:
Died: 23 February 1931 Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA
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Married / Joined:
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When:                       Where:
 1. Edward Ralph "Jim" JASCOB
25 August 1920

1 March 1996
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Bedford, Monroe, Michigan, USA