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Genealogy Family Group Record for Judith STEVENS

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What is a Family Group Record?
A Family Group Record is a family tree genealogy chart.
"Focusing on the family unit, the family group sheet includes space for a couple and their children, along with fields to record birth, death, marriage and burial places for each." ( od/ free_charts/ a/ forms.htm)

Husband's Name: George Washington STONE
Born: 22 February 1777 Place: Piermont, New Hampshire, USA
Married / Joined: 23 March 1800 Place: Bradford, Vermont, USA
Died: 12 January 1854 Place: Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada
His Father: Uriah STONE
Born: 1 December 1744 Place: Rockingham, Plaistow, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 7 April 1807 Place: Piermont, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
His Mother: Hepzibah HADLEY
Born: 25 July 1744 Place: Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 4 May 1832 Place:
Wife's Maiden Name: Judith STEVENS
Born: 26 October 1771 Place: Newbury, Vermont, USA
Died: 28 December 1855 Place: Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada
Her Father: Simeon STEVENS
Born: 1736 Place: Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village)
Died: 6 July 1788 Place: Newbury, Vermont, USA
Her Mother: Sarah HADLEY
Born: 13 February 1736 Place: Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 2 November 1779 Place: Newbury, Vermont, USA
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 1. Malvina STONE
29 April 1802
12 April 1821

16 January 1869
Berkshire, Vermont, USA Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada

Newtonville, Albany, New York, USA
 2. George Washington STONE
19 January 1806 25 June 1891
Berkshire, Vermont, USA Allegan, Michigan, USA