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Genealogy Family Group Record for Jacqueline-Gamache-Dit-Lamarre-Le-Tardif-Sir CADOT

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What is a Family Group Record?
A Family Group Record is a family tree genealogy chart.
"Focusing on the family unit, the family group sheet includes space for a couple and their children, along with fields to record birth, death, marriage and burial places for each." ( od/ free_charts/ a/ forms.htm)

Husband's Name: Nicolas-Jacques GAMACHE dit LAMARRE LE TARDIF SIR
Born: Bef 3/1595 Place: St. Illiers-la-Ville Mantes-la-Jolie Chartres, France
Married / Joined: Place:
Died: Aft 1699 Place: Cap-St-Ignace, Québec, Canada (Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola)
His Father: Guillaume LAMARRE-GAMACHE
Born: Bef 1570 Place: St. Illiers-la-Ville Mantes-la-Jolie chartres, France
Died: 11/9/1676 Place: Quebec, Canada
His Mother: Renee-Gamache HAUN
Born: 1575 Place: Boissy-Mauvoisin Mantes-la-Jolie Chartres, France
Died: 11/9/1676 Place:
Wife's Maiden Name: Jacqueline-Gamache-Dit-Lamarre-Le-Tardif-Sir CADOT
Born: Abt 1615 Place: St. Illiers-la-Ville Mantes-la-Jole Chartres, France
Died: 1/26/1677 Place: Montmagny Mintmagny Regional County Municipality Quebec, Canada
Her Father:
Born: Place:
Died: Place:
Her Mother:
Born: Place:
Died: Place:
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 1. Marie Nepveu GAMACHE
 2. Genevieve-Fortin-Dit-Bellefontaine GAMACHE dite LAMARRE

Chartes-de-Bretagne Ille-et-Vilaine Britany, France Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City)

L'Islet, Québec, Canada (L'Islet-sur-Mer) (Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours)
 3. Jacques GAMACHE dit LAMARRE
Bef 1637

Aft 1741
Cotes-d'Armor Brittany, France

, Canada
 4. Nicolas GAMACHE
17 April 1639
9 November 1676

30 October 1699
Saint-Illiers-la-Ville Mantois, France Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame de Chateau-Richer)

Cap-St-Ignace, Québec, Canada (Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola)