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American Revolutionary War Soldier flag   John  TEEPLE

  (b. 17 February 1760 New Germantown, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA   d. 14 November 1845 Esperance, New York, USA )  

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TEEPLE Genealogy

John TEEPLE was born 17 February 1760 in New Germantown, Hunterdon, Crown Colony of New Jersey. John TEEPLE was the child of ?   and   ?

John was a soldier in the U.S. Revolutionary War.

Marriage(s) and Child(ren):

He married  Lanah VOSSELLER 6 December 1783 in Pluckermin, New Jersey, USA .  The couple had (at least) 1 child. Lanah VOSSELLER  was born abt. 27 July 1755 in Pluckemin, Bridgewater Township, Somerset, New Jersey, USA.  She died abt. 1802 in Esperance, New York, USA (Sloansville). 

John TEEPLE died 14 November 1845 in Esperance, New York, USA .

possibly the son of George Teeple (1720-1788) and Maria Margaret Shipman (1733- )
OR John George Teeple and Margaret Castner

m. (2) Sarah Munn
8 December 1822
Charlston Four Corners Baptist Church, Montgomery Co. NY

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Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren) of John TEEPLE

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John TEEPLE married flag  Lanah VOSSELLER-- Date: 6 December 1783 Place: Pluckermin, New Jersey, USA
St Paul's Lutheran Church, Pluckermin, New Jersey


flag  Jacob TEEPLE (b.6 March 1791, Pluckemin, Bridgewater Township, Somerset, New Jersey, USA  d. 25 September 1866, Esperance, New York, USA )
m. Edey CROCKER 12 March 1815

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17 February 1760
New Germantown, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA

1783 Marriage / Partner
John TEEPLE and Lanah VOSSELLER 6 December 1783, Pluckermin, New Jersey, USA
1791 Birth of Child
Jacob TEEPLE was born 6 March 1791, Pluckemin, Bridgewater Township, Somerset, New Jersey, USA
14 November 1845
Esperance, New York, USA (Sloansville)

John Teeple filed an affadavit for a Revolutionary War pension as an old man in Schoharie Co., NY (pension # R10445) orig. transcribed by self ( DT)

In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, proved 7th June 1832 State of New York
Schoharie County
On the twenty second day of August A.D. 1844, before the subscriber one of the Magistrates of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the said County personally appeared John Teeple a resident of the town of Schoharie in said county of Schoharie, State of New York, aged eighty four years and upwards,nbsp; who being first duly sworn according to the law doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress proved 7th June 1832.

That a number of years hence this Declarant attempted to obtain his pension and employed Judge Holliday of Schoharie to prepare the necessary papers, but owing to the fact of the principal witness of his service having died a short time previous this Declarant was endeavored to abandon the prosecution of his claim and believes no application had ever been made to the Department in his behalf. That he now applies in consequence of the advice of his children and from a conviction that he is justly entitled to receive a pension from the Government for his Revolutionary Services.

That in the year 1776 (the Declarant believes) henbsp; enlisted from the town of Bridgewater, Town of Somerset & State of New Jersey in the Company Commanded by Capt. W McDonald and in the regiment of Colonel Ten Eyck and in or about the month of June in said year he marched with said Company in pursuit of Tories to Hunterdon. That after making prisoners of one Captain Voght and some others he returned home. that the Company was detained to guard the prisoners and he and the Company in which he served were not disbanded until the expiration of at least one month of service.

During the summer of the same year the Declarant also served in the same Company in guarding the lines at Bergen in said State Then marched from thence to Newark and was there employed in guarding the Meeting house where the prisoners were confined, from there he marched to Elizabethtown where he was stationed to watch the movements of the enemy. When the British Army landed at Elizabethtown this declarant was in the Company of Capt Ten Eyck and in the regiment of Colonel Ten Eyck and was stationed at Springfield. That he was present at the Battle of Springfield and after it with his Company being upon the rear of the British Army in its route towards Elizabethtown. That after the Enemy left Elizabethtown his Company was dismissed and he returned home. That this declarant was in service that year at least four months in all. That the regiment to which he belonged at the Battle of Springfield was commanded by (captain crossd out) Colonels Taylor and Middich.

During the Summer the Declarant believes of the year 1777 Declarant served in the Company of Captain Tunnison in Colonel Frielinghuysens regiment and marched to Pompton and was on guard there and at Paramus at least one month from thence marched to Baskingridge and was thence dismissed.

In the year 1778 the Declarant served in the Company of Captain Ten Eyck Colonel Freilinghuysens Regiment and marched to Raritan, Bound Brook and Brunswick landing and was present at the Battle of Bound Brook That he was engaged doing guard duty at the above places at least three months in all.

Declarant thinks that it was during the same year that he served in this same Company and Regiment and he was present at the Battle of Germantown near Philadelphia. That at this battle the First Lieutenant of his Company (unreadable ??John) Brokaw was killed. Declarant thinks he was absent at this time in service as aforesaid about one month.(Note: As per subsequent research and proved by Stryker, Lt John Brokaw of the 1st Battalion, Somerset Co.,NJ Militia was killed, Oct 4, 1777 at the battle of Germantown, Pa)

That on or about the month of June 1779 he was in the same Company and Regiment and was advanced to Crosswinds and from thence marched to Monmouth. Declarant was at the Battle of Monmouth and in service at this time in all about six weeks before dismissed.

During the time of the above service at Bound Brook, Springfield, Monmouth & Pompton declarant was a Sergeant of his Company and performed the duties of Sergeant at least six months of the time above set forth.

Declarant also served as a Teamster for a number of months during the War of Revolution, but owing to old age and loss of memory, he is unable to specify particularly his service in that capacity.

Declarant further states that he served during the War at least fifteen months in all as an enlisted soldier and believes himself entitled to a pension therefore. That the dates of the service above enumerated may be in some respects erronious but he is certain that the time that he has stated as having served it true and correct in every circumstance.

That he was born on the seventeenth day of February A.D. 1760 That he had a record of his birth, but that it was destroyed by one of his grandchildren. That he lived at Bridgewater, Somerset County, New Jersey during said war. That afterwards he removed to Schoharie his present place of residence where he has lived ever since.

He hereby relinqueshes every claim whatever to a Pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any state Subscribed and sworn(signature John Teeple)
before me
Charles Goodyear
First Judge Schoharie County Court

I Charles Goodyear, Judge as aforesaid do hereby declare my opinion after investigation of the matter and after putting the interogeratories prescribed by the War Department that the above applicant was a Revolutionary War soldier and served as he stated and I do certify that said applicant is unable to attand court by reason of old age and continuous bodlily infermity.
signed Charles Goodyear
First Judge Schoharie County Court

NOTE: With the advent of modern record keeping technologies, the discovery of obscure records in various locations and much expanded search capabilities, it has been POSITIVELY PROVEN by records of enlistment found in the regiments stated in his pension application that he WAS IN FACT a Revolutionary War soldier and was entitled to a pension from the government for his services. At time of his application no such search capabilites of records existed to confirm his claims.

Confirmation of Lt Brokaws death at Germantown by other sources of Brokaw Rev pension applications also show FURTHER POSITIVE PROOF of his Revolutionary War service.(see Brokaw pensions at NARA. (natl archives)

Note: A John Brokaw believed to be the one in the same as the Lt Brokaw killed at Germantown and shown as such in the above pension application is listed as one of the executors of Geo/ Jury Teeple's will in 1777...the listing in the will superceeds the death of the Lt John Brokaw by the time span of only several months.....

Geo Jury Teeple would be this John Teeple's grandfather !!!.

Important fact: is that subject states he was from Bridgewater, Town of Somerset, Somerset Co NJ and lived and enlisted from there during the revolutionary war. He would have been a young man at the tie of his Rev War service at the age of aprox 18 yrs old...

Also, further proof of his Revolutionary war service has been uncovered in that NJ military records confirm the statement made by John in his pension application in the capture of the British tory "Captain Vought" in June of 1776, and elements of the NJ militia guarding him and other prisoners it captured on those dates. (DT 5/ 2008) see NJ military records regarding these facts...

A Land deed record on file in Schoahrei Co., NY,nbsp; (1st land transaction of Schoharie Co after it was officailly formed) show that John Teeple bought land from Jacob Vosseller of lands of the "Stone Heap" patent, lot #4, (which is identified as land on Sloansville hill in Schoharie Co., New York)

Recent discoveries (2007-2008) on this subject show that he was most definitely a large land holder in the Sloansville, Schoharie Co NY area. A land deed document dated 1811 (land transaction for lot #139 - further identified in the 1866 Beers Schoharie Co map of Town of Eperance...)shows subject John Teeple bought the entire lot # 139 ( a large lot of several hundred, possibly up to 1000 acres) from a John Titus of Duanesburgh, Schenectady Co NY for the astonishing price at that time of $1000.00....(lot # 139 is clearly identified in the 1866 Beers map of the area)
Also a new discovery 4/ 2008 of a 1830's map of Schoharie and Montgomery counties shows very clearly the boundries of the Stone Heap patent...the land transaction in which he bought lot #4 of the Stone heap patent from Jacob Vosseller, places the purchase as being a large purchase in the area now known as Oak Ridge, Montgomery Co., NY....directly north of the Peter P. Teeple homestead on Sloansville hill, and the last known residence of this subject John Teeple...

A walk through of the area in fall of 2007 (DET) shows an old overgrown foundation on the edge of the lot #139 and just south west of the Henry Teeple home indicated on the 1866 Beers map(confirmed also by satellite photos ) is believed that this old overgrown foundation with a possible field grave site (as per current land owner Nelson Countryman 2007-2008) is the site of the John Teeple/ Lanah Vosseller homestead.

Will of John Teeple 1845.

"Know by all men by these present, That I the undersigned John Teeple of the town of Schoharie and county of Schoharie and state of New York. I hereby declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all others. That is to say, I give and bequeth to my wife Sarah and my daughter Sally jointly the farm on which I now reside, and which was deeded to me by my father and is situated in the said town of Schoharie and contains about one hundred acres of land. I further bequeath all the stock and farming utensils on said farm to my wife Sarah and daughter Sally jointly together with the use of allthe household furniture, house and all that appurtains to said farmduring their natural lives. The above bequest shall be subject however to the following restriction vis That said Sarah and Sally shall not dispose of or needlessly squander any of said property only for their own temporal necessities during their present natural lives.

I hereby give and bequeath to my son Peter P Teeple for and during the tenure of his natural life and afterwards to revert to his son Edward Teeple the fifty acre lot of land which I bought of Jacob Vostler and on which the said Peter P. Teeple now resides. I hereby give and bequeath to Edward Teeple the son of Peter P. Teeple a projection of land from the first described farm and which projection is now in the occupation of said Peter P and contains about six acres of land.

I also give and bequeath after the deaths of my wife and daughter Sally the first described farm and my real estate together with the household furniture and all that apertains to sid fam to the five sons of Jacob Teeple, vis John J, Henry, Stephan, George and Charles, to be equally divided among them with the following reservations, vis That said sons shall pay to each of the five sons of George Montanye by my daughter Ann, twenty five dollars within one year after the deaths of my widow and said daughter Sally. The said sons of Jacob shall also pay to my grand daughter Eliza Petteys within one year after the deaths of my widow and daughter Sally the sum of twenty dollars, further the said sons of Jacob Teeple shall pay to the two sons of Peter Brown who married my daughter Polly, within one year after the decease of my widow and daughter Sally, the sum of five dollars each. I hereby give and bequeath or in otherwords I hereby relinquish to Elias XXX who married my grandaughter Lana Ann Young a certain claim of fifty dollars I have against him the said Elias, for a cow sold to him.

I hereby relinquish a claim of thirty four dollars and interest which I have against John T Young, my grandson for a yoke of oxen. In witness which I have set my hand and seal and declared this to be my last will and testament, the twentyeth day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand eighthundred and forty five

In the presence of J. J. Teeple of the town of Rensellaerville and the county of Albany and State of New York. And of John McKinnstry of the town and city of Schoharie and state of New York.

I hereby constitute and appoint, Berriah Crocker, George V Montanyenbsp; and Jacob Teeple of the town of Schoharie Executors of this my last will and testament. Sept 20th 1845

In the presence of JJ Teeple and
John McKinstry of Schoharien
(signature of John Teeple)nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; (initials of J T)

NOTE: The inclusion of Jacob Teeple as son of this subject is a concensus of many Teeple family researchers due to his inclusion in the above will.....however the naming patronymics of Jacob's son, Henry, which is a name never before seen in the family lineage except in NJ, may tend to prove in the future that Jacob was NOT the son of John, but a nephew (a clue in the wording of the above will, is that the will does NOT identify Jacob as a son)..It is a hypothesis that Jacob may be a son of an un-confirmed brother of John, a Henry Teeple (Hendrick Teeple/ wife Elizabeth) who was also a Rev war soldier from Somerset Co NJ and in the same military units as this John Teeple and his brother George who is living next door to this subject John, with George being married to Hannah Montanye ...It may be this Henry Teeple from NJ,nbsp; that is noted in the 1810 Charleston, Montgomery Co NY census with other Vosseller and Montanye relatives. Henry is shown only on the 1810 census...after which he disappears.....If this hypothesis proves to be correct, of Jacob being a son of Henry,nbsp; the appropriate lineage changes will be made at that time. DT 2/ 2008

this John Teeple is witness of probate of a will of William Monteith, 7/ 20/ 1820 at Broadalbin, Montgomery Co NY (Montgomery Co Records 57-170)


John is buried at:

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