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HELP! Ancestor is complete! Grave has been located flag photo of William TREMBLAY   William  TREMBLAY

  (b. 28 June 1878 Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 17 August 1920 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA )  
Age: 42
Cause of Death: encephalitis

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William TREMBLAY was born 28 June 1878 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA . William TREMBLAY was the child of Augustin TREMBLAY   and   Marie-Anastasie BOUCHER and the grandchild of: (paternal)  Augustin TREMBLAY and Hypolite-Apolline BROUILLET (maternal)  Jean Baptiste David BOUCHER and Rose DEMERS

Spouse(s)/Partner(s) and Child(ren):

William  married  Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA 28 June 1898 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA .  The couple had (at least) 14 children. Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA  was born 30 August 1877 in Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul).  Marie-Josephine-Eglentine died 16 May 1941 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville).  Marie-Josephine-Eglentine was the child of Jean Baptiste (John) CAYA and Adelaide BOURDELAIS.

William TREMBLAY died 17 August 1920 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Occupation: dye maker at optical co., hairdresser

NOTE: Not sure if this is the case here, but... According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), "Encephalitis lethargica is a disease characterized by high fever, headache, double vision, delayed physical and mental response, and lethargy. In acute cases, patients may enter coma. Patients may also experience abnormal eye movements, upper body weakness, muscular pains, tremors, neck rigidity, and behavioral changes including psychosis. The cause of encephalitis lethargica is unknown. Between 1917 to 1928, an epidemic of encephalitis lethargica spread throughout the world, but no recurrence of the epidemic has since been reported." disorders/ encephalitis_lethargica/ encephalitis_lethargica.htm

According to BBC News, Tuesday, 27 July 2004, "Mystery of the forgotten plague"
"Encephalitis Lethargica was a devastating illness that swept the world in the 1920's.

It attacked the brain, leaving victims like living statues, speechless and motionless.

During the outbreak, nearly a million died, and millions more were left frozen inside their useless bodies, in institutions.

No-one knew what had caused it, or how to treat it... The bacteria that can cause a simple sore throat had mutated into a much more severe form and triggered the attacks of encaphilitis lethargica. It seems that in some people the body has a massive immune reaction to the streptococcus bacteria and then turns on the body itself; attacking the brain and destroying it." 1/ hi/ health/ 3930727.stm

Details of the family tree of William appear below.
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Spouse(s) / Partner(s) and Child(ren) of William TREMBLAY


William TREMBLAY married Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!immigrant - Canada to US  photo of Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA  Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA-- Date: 28 June 1898 Place: Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910

Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA was the child of Jean Baptiste (John) CAYA and Adelaide BOURDELAIS

Groom's Name: William Tremblay
Groom's Birth Date: 1878
Groom's Birthplace:
Groom's Age: 20
Bride's Name: Josephine Maynard
Bride's Birth Date: 1878
Bride's Birthplace:
Bride's Age: 20
Marriage Date: 28 Jun 1898
Marriage Place: Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Groom's Father's Name: Augustus Tremblay
Groom's Mother's Name: A. Boucher
Bride's Father's Name: Albert Maynard
Bride's Mother's Name: Lucy Giroux
Groom's Race:
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
Bride's Race:
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I01161-1
System Origin: Massachusetts-EASy
Source Film Number: 2047599
Reference Number: 40
Collection: Massachusetts Marriages, 1695-1910

Children of William TREMBLAY and Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA:

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Lucy Exena TREMBLAY  Lucy Exena TREMBLAY (b.13 March 1900, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 10 June 1993, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )
m. Louis Raoul METRAS 25 November 1929 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Ancestor is complete!flag photo of George Elzear TREMBLAY  George Elzear TREMBLAY (b.14 April 1901, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 22 August 1961, Flint, Michigan, USA)
m. Mary Rose LAMONTAGNE 8 September 1924 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Ancestor is complete!flag photo of Mary Nelida TREMBLAY  Mary Nelida TREMBLAY (b.31 July 1902, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 2 January 1988, Oxford, Massachusetts, USA)
m. Ford Page SHAFER 25 July 1929 in Flint, Michigan, USA

Ancestor is complete!flag photo of William Lionel TREMBLAY  William Lionel TREMBLAY (b.6 October 1903, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 26 August 1969, Manistique, Michigan, USA)
m. Florence LEMELIN 7 November 1924 in Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Albert Lewis Rodolph TREMBLAY  Albert Lewis Rodolph TREMBLAY (b.24 December 1905, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 14 December 1992, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )
m. Beatrice M LECLAIR 23 November 1925 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Wilfred Roland TREMBLAY  Wilfred Roland TREMBLAY (b.14 December 1907, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 16 January 1921, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

Ancestor is complete!flag baby girl ancestor Josephine Lilian TREMBLAY (b.6 April 1909, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 13 April 1909, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

Ancestor is complete!flag photo of Eugene Gregory TREMBLAY  Eugene Gregory TREMBLAY (b.25 May 1910, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 24 February 1959, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA )
m. Jeanne LEMERY (LEMERIE) 29 June 1936 in Killingly, Connecticut, USA (Danielson) (Dayville) (East Killingly) (Attawaugan) (Ballouville)

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Edgar Arthur ("Ben") TREMBLAY  Edgar Arthur ("Ben") TREMBLAY (b.27 December 1911, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 13 August 1977, Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)
m. Jeannette Marie Louise LIPPE 11 February 1933 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Ancestor is complete!flag photo of Alice Lorraine TREMBLAY  Alice Lorraine TREMBLAY (b.28 April 1913, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 11 November 1977, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA)
m. Philias J LEFEBVRE 1 July 1932 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Arthur Raymond TREMBLAY  Arthur Raymond TREMBLAY (b.16 July 1914, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 19 September 2008, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA)
m. Dorothy Ruth BISHOP 25 November 1937 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

Ancestor is complete!flag baby girl ancestor Leona Camelia TREMBLAY (b.16 July 1915, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 1 October 1915, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

Ancestor is complete!flag baby boy ancestor Charles Edward TREMBLAY (b.12 July 1917, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 11 September 1917, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )

Grave has been locatedAncestor is complete!flag photo of Louise Lillian TREMBLAY  Louise Lillian TREMBLAY (b.3 March 1920, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA   d. 10 December 2007, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA )
m. George Eugene Harmala MELTAUS 10 April 1959 in Pomfret, Connecticut, USA (Abington)

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Exploring the Ancestry of William TREMBLAY: Events, Pictures, and Documents

1878 Birth
Tremblay Guillaume Southbridge 1878 birth - parents Augustin Tremblay and Anastasie Boucher, both born in Canada. Father listed as a laborer.

Name: Guillaume Tremblay
Gender: Male
Baptism/ Christening Date:
Baptism/ Christening Place:
Birth Date: 30 Jun 1878
Birthplace: Southbridge, Massachusetts
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name: Augustin Tremblay
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Anastasie Boucher Tremblay
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02011-5
System Origin: Massachusetts-EASy
Source Film Number: 1428171
Reference Number: P 331
Collection: Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910

Postcards and Memories of Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

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William TREMBLAY - 1878 Birth. Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts.
1878 Birth. Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910
1892 New York State Census
1892 NY Census
Clinton, Clinton, New York
Dated 16 Feb 1892

Augustus Trombly, m, 68, b. Canada, farmer
Phebe Trombly, f, 31, b. Canada
Rosa Trombly, f, 21, b. Canada
Tilda Trombly, f, 17, b. Canada
Willie Trombly, m, 15, b. U.S.
Napoleon Trombly, m, 9, b. U.S.
Arthur Trombly, m, 10, b. Canada
George Trombly, m, 8, b. Canada
Joseph Trombly, m, 3, b. U.S.
William TREMBLAY - 1892 NY Census Clinton, Clinton, New York Dated 16 Feb 1892
1892 NY Census
Clinton, Clinton, New York
Dated 16 Feb 1892
1898 Marriage / Partner
William TREMBLAY and Marie-Josephine-Eglentine CAYA 28 June 1898, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
William married Josephine Maynard on June 28, 1898 in Southbridge, MA. He was 20. She was 21. Both were born in Southbridge. Both were spec makers. His parents were Augustus and A. Boucher. Her parents (adoptive) were Albert Maynard and Lucy Giroux.
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910
William TREMBLAY - William Tremblay
William Tremblay
Thanks to Louise Tremblay Meltaus
1900 Morris Street, Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Maynard, Albert, head, b. May 1853, age 47, b. Canada, married 26 years, b. Canada, year of immigration 1864, alien, occupation: ? painter
Maynard, Lucy, wife, b. Jun 1854, age 45, b. Canada, married 26 years, mother of 0 children
Tremblay, William, son-in-law, b. Jun 1878, age 21, b. MA, married 2 years, occupation: Tozal? Frame
Tremblay, Josephine, daughter, b. Aug 1878, age 21, b. Canada, married 2 years, mother of 1 child, 1 child living
Tremblay, Exena L., daughter, b. Mar 1900, age 3/ 12, b. MA
Giroux, John B., father-in-law, b. July 1833, age 66, widowed, b. Canada
1900 U.S. Census
1900 Birth of Child
Lucy Exena TREMBLAY was born 13 March 1900, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1901 Birth of Child
George Elzear TREMBLAY was born 14 April 1901, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1902 Birth of Child
Mary Nelida TREMBLAY was born 31 July 1902, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1903 Birth of Child
William Lionel TREMBLAY was born 6 October 1903, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1905 Birth of Child
Albert Lewis Rodolph TREMBLAY was born 24 December 1905, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1907 Birth of Child
Wilfred Roland TREMBLAY was born 14 December 1907, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1909 Birth of Child
Josephine Lilian TREMBLAY was born 6 April 1909, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1910 pub/ usgenweb/ census/ ma/ worcester/ 1910/ ed1953-pg030a.txt shows the Tremblay family living at 6A Cohassee Street:

TREMBLEY William Head M W 31 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts . . ENG d?ye maker optical works

TREMBLEY Josephine Wife F W 32 Can/ French Can/ French Can/ French 1879 . ENG none .

TREMBLEY Lucie Daughter F W 10 Massachusetts Massachusetts Can/ French . . ENG none .

TREMBLEY Elzear Son M W 9 Massachusetts Massachusetts Can/ French . . . none .


1910 U.S. Census
1910 Birth of Child
Eugene Gregory TREMBLAY was born 25 May 1910, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1911 Birth of Child
Edgar Arthur ("Ben") TREMBLAY was born 27 December 1911, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1913 Birth of Child
Alice Lorraine TREMBLAY was born 28 April 1913, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1914 Birth of Child
Arthur Raymond TREMBLAY was born 16 July 1914, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1915 Birth of Child
Leona Camelia TREMBLAY was born 16 July 1915, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
Registered in Southbridge, MA. Employed at American Optical. Difficult to read.
U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
1917 Birth of Child
Charles Edward TREMBLAY was born 12 July 1917, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
1919 Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts
Tremblay, Exena L, emp A O Co, b William Tremblay's
Tremblay, William (Josephine) (Tremblay & Guertin) also emp A O Co h Fairlawn Ave RFD 1 (William Tremblay and Alfred Guertin) hairdressers 39 Mechanics
1919 Massachusetts City Directory - Southbridge
1920 Harrington Street, Southbridge, Massachusetts
Tremblay, William, head, age 41, b. MA, parents b. Canada, dye maker at optical company
Tremblay, Josephine E., wife, age 41, b. Canada, year of immigration 1878, naturalized, parents b. Canada
Tremblay, Exena L., daughter, age 19, b. MA, inspecting at optical company
Tremblay, Elzear G., son, age 18, b. MA, machinist at machine shop
Tremblay, Nelida E., daughter, age 17, b. MA, clerical work at optical company
Tremblay, Lionel W., son, age 16, b. MA
Tremblay, Rodolphe A., son, age 14, b. MA
Tremblay, Roland W., son, age 12, b. MA
Tremblay, Eugene G., son, age 9, b. MA
Tremblay, Edgar A., son, age 8, b. MA
Tremblay, Laureine A., daughter, age 6, b. MA
Tremblay, Raymond A., son, age 5, b. MA
Maynard, Albert, father-in-law, age 66, b. Canada, year of immigration 1869, naturalized in 1890, parents b. Canada, painter in carriage shop
1920 U.S. Census
Place of Death: Worcester City Hospital. Residence: 5 Fairlawn Ave. Southbridge. Died 17 Aug 1920. Age: 42. Cause of Death: Encephalitis. Place of Burial: St. George, Southbridge.
Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Town of Southbridge, MA -- microfilm -- Jacob Edwards Library, Southbridge, MA

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1920 Birth of Child
Louise Lillian TREMBLAY was born 3 March 1920, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)
From Southbridge Herald, Thursday, Aug. 19, 1920
William Tremblay, age 42 years, 1 month and 19 days, of Fairlawn avenue, died Tuesday at the City hospital in Worcester, where he was taken Friday for treatment. he was born in Southbridge, son of Augustus and Anastasia (Boucher) Tremblay, and had lived here all his life. He was a die maker and worked at the American Optical Co. plant, and conducted a barber shop on Mechanic street nights. He was prominent in fraternal societies, and was a member of Southbridge aerie, F.O. E, C.O.F., St. Jean Baptiste and Court Jacques Cartier. He leaves his wife, 11 children, seven sons and four daughters, three brothers and five sisters.
1920 Death
17 August 1920
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

William is buried at: St. George’s Cemetery
Paige Hill
Southbridge, Massachusetts
Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Globe) (Lensdale) (Saundersdale) (Shuttleville)

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